JV Issues with API Phone Verifications

Hi MPSocial Community,

i notice in the last days that JV has some issues with the API Phone Verifications.

1.) Its shows Phone Verifications but in Real is Captcha > Phone Verifications > Chance Password. Many times. So why JV show the wrong results. Cant JV see that this a 3 Step verification.

2.) Many Tims it happens that i get a phone verification. I try to make it via API and use the checkbox. The Phone number is also many times entered by JV and if i press get code to enter the code Manually it dont works and JV say open the EB and make it with EB. If i Open the EB the window is open with send Code to this Number. So all its ok it was on the right step to press send code but it dont works with the API.

3.) If i make the verification via EB Manually i get more verifications. If i can do it on the API i get less verifications.

Do u also make similar experience and how u can handle this to dont risk the Accounts.

Cheers and Thank.

I don’t think PV with API still works, when was the last time you could do PV via API?

Do you have this option checked in advanced settings or Settings > Social platforms > IG > Embedded browser tab?

On the Main Accounts i have checkmark this. On Scraper Accounts i use the new EB Scraper and API Scraper Methode. So i don’t checkmark this.

The stuff is we want to start to build more and many proxy server and to make the verifications all time manually its timeconsuming. I also dont like the way with the PV on the Settings/Connectivity/“Instagram PV”. Its not a good solution to change every time if u get a veryfication the phone number. Just Drug Dealers and people in not legal business change many times the phone number. But not a real instagram user he is using maybe one phone number for all the life. Or u get from your friends every 2 Days: “Hay i have a new number”

So why JV and the automatisation make the PV so inhuman style like it was. Also the provider dont cant provide one phone number for one client the have to change it every time. In my eyes bad service.

Also Accounts created via Mails are not so safe and get lost faster than accounts that was created by a phone number. So im sure we have to thing out of the box and look that the automatisation is 100 human style. That means, look how real human use all the platform.

Automatisation = Verification with many different phone numbers. Still Proxy rotation but we have a pandemic and the people dont move more so much as before. But the rotated Proxy still rotate and simulate many activity and the have LockDown.

Real = One person buy a handy tariff many times with 2 years contract. So a really person cant change so easy every 2 years the phone number. The create today the Accounts many time with phones. Im also share Instagram pref more phone numbers instead of mails.

If u create a account with mail, Instagram will give u 100% one time just a verification via phone. And if u start one time with the phone it cames many times. And if u switch every time the number. Trust level 0 and u never get the Account back.

And i also dont understand why the proxy provider dont offer also the number of the proxy. A 4g proxy about 80-120€ is a big mobile data tariff with handy number. If the provider give us the proxy and the number all is fine. And the are no more cost. Maybe just a script that send the SMS from Router to JV or to a Dashboard.

And also many provider offer unlimited Internet just for Instagram. If u use just Instagram u dont need unlimited Internet. Just if u use on the proxy Instagram, FB, YT, Pinter etc. than u need unlimited data volume.

So the is also a way to safe cost. If the industry dont think 100 Human and how it looks international with phone tariff and how long are contracts, it will go harder and harder. We are so close that just ads make more value for the customer that automatisation.

And if im honest i don’t want that Ads are more efficient that interactive with people on social media.
If the Ads win Social Media will turn just to Ads :face_vomiting: