JV keeps closing automatically

Anyone else having an issue where JV keeps automatically closing and having errors?

It says something like browser.exe fatal error, will now terminate.

Not sure if this is caused by an update or something I’ve done but I cant get the program to function at the moment.

Im on a VPS btw but have never had this issue before and can still connect just fine to the VPS.

How many accounts u running? Are you using EB only? u might wanna upgrade ur VPS…

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Hmm good point. Im only doing actions on about 7 accounts but yes all EB

It shound’t be a problem for 7 accounts. Whats ur vps config?

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What is your VPS OS? And how many RAM?

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Not sure what I was on before but you guys were right. I upgraded to a better VPS and the issue was solved.

Thank you all!


yeh for this kind of error always think about upgrading ou changing your VPS provider

Probably your VPS causing this issue.