[JV] Looking for Collab - Instagram + Snapchat

Hello, i am looking for collab in dating niche.I have methode which give me now 200/daily from instagram. Now i want to upscail everything and looking for someone who want collab. So how i imagine this collab? If you know how to send traffic from instagram to snapchat send me PM. I can monetize this traffic, normaly i get 600$ from 1k adds. We can split revenue 50-50

I have bot for snapchat which can post automaticaly from gallery on snapchat, i have content for snapchat, and pemium offers for dating. Only what you need to do is care for adds.


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Can you tell me where you found a bot for Snapchat?

i develope it with my coder :wink:

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I’m interested in seeing your stats on those offers.

I can get the adds, not just from Instagram.
If you’re converting the traffic better than I can, we could work together.

sure, msg with details sent to PM :wink: You work with snapchat too? becouse its hard to compare different methodes.