JV - My Facebook Email Extraction[Page + Group] + Your Monetization Method

What’s up MP! Been awhile!

The title says it clearly. If you have a monetization method I can scrape emails from groups or pages to run a lookalike campaign or any other form of monetization.
(IE: Page click ad campaign -> Invite to Facebook group)

You present an already profiting model and I will provide emails as a partner, among other black hat strategies.

Due to my lack of activity in this group, I will be providing the first 3 commenters (and all mods) one free extraction up to 3,000-5,000 emails in exchange for a comment :slight_smile:

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Good luck with project!

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Thank you! Would you like to take advantage of the free emails from a facebook page? :slight_smile:

I feel like I don’t deserve it, as my comment does not bring any value to you. But maybe I can try it out and see how it goes :slight_smile:

a bumb is a bumb! Let me know what facebook page you want extracted and it’s yours just review the criteria below:

@Kalynddougherty I edited the OP so it can stay where it is.

interested in giving this a try, we might be able to work something out depending on the quality of the emails and targetting

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Let’s do it, hit my DM’s I’d be glad to give you a sample.

good luck!good luck!good luck!

@Kalynddougherty sign me up! Would be interested to see if you get it working and then possibly be willing to get something going with you.

How do I provide you with groups for the test?

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Absolutely! The group scraper is acting a little clunky atm, but I can definitely do facebook pages all the same, can you DM the group you want to scrape and let me see what I can do!