[JV]My Instagram twitter pinterest facebook -Your method+bot

Hello, I can provide Instagram+twitter+pinterest+Facebook+tumblr accounts i just need you to help me with Profitable method in any kind of niche. Looking only for serious people who knows what they are doing. We can split the earnings then and make big bucks.

What i can provide:
30k IG PVA Account per month
50k twitter account per month
50k twitter account per month
50k facebook account per month
50k tumblr account per month

What i need from you:
A profitable method + bot that is already tested and working good.

Please don’t contact me if you want to test campaigns or if you think that it might work and haven’t even used it, i don’t have time to waste, im looking for serious long time partner(s) who are in need of twitter so we booth can make good money from this JV. If you are interested in this Feel free to Contact me

Thanks .

The getting the accounts part only requires some money, the rest is doing all the work, I doubt anyone will be willing to do this mate and split the profits, sorry to say that. But who knows.

PS. this will be limited to a JV, you are not allowed to sell those accounts since you don’t have a topic in the marketplace. Also do not share your contact details publicly.

thanks for reply me Johnny @

I’m at new here so i don’t know everything .