JV update from 9/24/19 - multiple error codes occurring

There seems to be a major issue occurring as a result of the JV update I just received.
This update seems to have caused a multitude of error codes and almost none of my accounts are running right now
Error Code 67 - could not identify follow/unfollow button
Error Code 168 Time Out occurred
Error Code 116 occurred page not found
Error Code 508
These codes are all appearing on different accounts with different proxy providers.
All kinds of issues happening right now.
Anyone else experiencing these issues or have any ideas as to how to fix theses problems?
It seems like we probably have to wait for JV to rectify these type of problems.


Same here! Noticing it all since the new update too

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For me the same i had this error multiple times today
They f*cked something up in last 2 updates…

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cannot get rid of this 508, any advice?

Contact J support and send screenshots. The more you contact them the more the are urged to fix it. A lot of people have the issue

Already done, no answer…

@Actor_Contact any news from them?

It might be due to the new human emulating EB

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Mostly getting error from unfollow. Showing red flag but no temporary block. Sounds like a JV bug. Will try to unfollow without emulating human behaviour to see if this fix it.

same and “ERROR 33 Like Button not found” :smiley:

Why would this fix it anyways? Just wondering about the logic behind it.

They want the source codes and multiple screenshots.
By the time you send JV everything and wait 24-48 hours for each reply, they have already been working on it.
I can tell you there are multiple problems with EB emulating human behaviors.
I checked the box NOT to use this method when unfollowing and it solved the unfollow problems.
Following seems to be working OK.
I think we just have to wait until all the bugs are worked out with this latest update - it is a mess.
When they finally update API, there will probably be multiple bugs as well.
This seems like it is going to go on for at least another 4-6 weeks.

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So you are saying the human behaviour is causing more probablility of these errors? @Actor_Contact

I’m using the API on an account that has this 168 timeout constantly. 5 follows on API no issues yet. Will report back

The JV update that just came out is causing their EB to emulate human behavior and it has caused a multitude of different error codes for me.
I checked the box in advanced settings to NOT emulate human behavior and that eliminated the errors

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The logic behind is that when your EB doesn’t find the F/U buttons, it might be because of this new feature that try to emulate the human behaviour, making the “scroll” or whatever new features there is in this movement, not able to properly target the buttons

But that’s only if the 168 isnt related to the ooops, try again timeout right? Or couldn it could it fix that too since the human behaviour is messing that up too causing timeouts? @denis1

Is there a way to copy the setting to disable the human behaviourism across 100’s of accounts? @JRVTeam

I’m also getting the same errors. I click the box this morning to no emulate human behavior. I think that must be what ha generating these error codes.


im getting furious…

i am willing to pay for a fix