[JV] Your IG Automation Help + My Proven-To-Work Adult CPA Method

Hey guys!

Recently my affiliate manager from an adult CPA network gave me an IG Adult CPA method that one of his top affiliates used (according to him he’s now not doing affiliate marketing).

I’m looking for someone that has experience with Adult CPA + IG automation and is interested in testing the method with me.

What I Have:

  • The method, offer, GEO, and landing page that he used
  • 4 months of Jarvee with 70 accounts
  • Money to invest in proxies & accounts
    NOTE: According to my AM, his EPC was $0.22, which was the highest EPC for that specific offer. Payout is $2~ per lead (DOI)

What you need:

  • Proven & recent experience with Adult CPA + IG
  • Recent earnings proof from an adult CPA network

The plan is to test the method together, which means that you need to bring me an automation formula & technical help when needed (I have a lot of experience with IG automation already, but not with adult CPA, therefore I won’t spam you with rookie questions).


Its hard doing Adult, accounts do not survive for long i am still trying so any help will be welcome.

@Klique may be interested