Keeping track of IG updates/changes this week!

These are the changes that I observed in the limits, this week. Some of them are major. Please correct me if something is not in line with what you observed

  1. DMs limited to 10 per hour. Most like a ban, if we exceed 30 in a day
  2. One day bans on API quite frequent (No more results found while using the follow tool)
  3. Email verifications even on freshly created accounts when they login from a different location/IP
  4. No more than 400 follows per day. Previously, we used to get blocks/captchas around 700 (This is not relevant to most of the users as most of us keep it under 200. But is a big change if one is used to the use and throw way of MS)

I’m guessing this isn`t through the app.

API browser automation?

Thanks for the update.

Hey there Mergart how are you?
Thank you for your post you have some very interesting insights over here :slight_smile:

  1. We are doing about 20 dm’s a day using the EB only on Jarvee -2021-07-18_03-50-24
    20 per hour sounds a lot! even with spin text.

2)Are you using the scrapers method?

  1. Are you using 4G proxies for the accounts creation?

  2. WOW! 400/700! that sounds amazing, happy for you to get these numbers, from our testing manually/automatically to reach more than 200 a day in the long term - isn’t working.

We did had this week the “try again later” block for the 24 hours and a new bug for the next 48 hours where the followers number is checking from one device into other.

Hey Adi,

This is 10Dms per hour and then a long pause. 20 per hour will definitely lead to a ban

No. I let the accounts do it for themselves

This is definitely not for long term. After the first two days, these accounts will get blocks or get captchas. It only works for short term pumps

This is the biggest pain right now :frowning: So many limits set this week

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i’m getting lots of no more sources found as well. as a side note, i’m seeing much better results across all my accounts with the same or even less activity on my part. kinda weird.

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I found that the know more sources issue either revolves around the scraper, the scraper proxy or the system not being able to handle the cpu load. Check those three things.


No problems here with running the service, no change

Email scraping just got Rekt though :frowning: