Keyword alerts for FB Groups? (I am not admin)

Any way to set up keyword alerts for groups I am a member of?

The intent is to be notified if a question comes up about my kws so I can swoop in and link to my site if applicable.

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This would definitely be a useful feature. Are you asking in general or asking if this can be done in Jarvee? If you are asking about Jarvee you can suggest this as feature request, since I don’t think it’s possible.

Really just looking if it can be done. I think I can do it manually by bookmarking search strings. But too many groups and keywords to be practical.

I was searching for this too. May have to see about making chrome extension

There is one called " Groouply " it requires subscription ( minimum 500$ per plan )

There is a tool like Grooply but much cheaper: GroupsTracker com


@ mariobros Thank you for sharing your experience.

Try socialexpert dot net . It is best tool with only 10$/10 group/month .

Flash-leads dot com is the best. This is exactly the tool you are looking for. Great pricing and far less buggy than some other sites mentioned in the thread. Works for both private and public groups.

flash-leads dot com is the easiest user interface I have found

I mustinvestiage this