Keyword alerts for FB Groups? (I am not admin)

Any way to set up keyword alerts for groups I am a member of?

The intent is to be notified if a question comes up about my kws so I can swoop in and link to my site if applicable.

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This would definitely be a useful feature. Are you asking in general or asking if this can be done in Jarvee? If you are asking about Jarvee you can suggest this as feature request, since I don’t think it’s possible.

Really just looking if it can be done. I think I can do it manually by bookmarking search strings. But too many groups and keywords to be practical.

I was searching for this too. May have to see about making chrome extension

There is one called " Groouply " it requires subscription ( minimum 500$ per plan )

There is a tool like Grooply but much cheaper: GroupsTracker com


@ mariobros Thank you for sharing your experience.

Try socialexpert dot net . It is best tool with only 10$/10 group/month .