Keyword Based Accounts Vs Real Name Accounts

Hello Guys,

I am in beauty niche on Instagram.
I have aged accounts ( 5 year )

Do you think does it matter for marketing?

Which kind of account name do you prefer?
For instance:
1- Makeup Videos Here @makeupvideos (Keyword based account)
2- Emma Green @emmagreen (Real name based account)
3- Emma Green @makeupvideos ( Name is real name based but account name is keyword based)

Thanks for your precious comments.

I would choose for nr 1

Or : Beauty Makeup @makeupvideos

@makeupvideos is offcourse allready in use. That would be an perfect name🙏

But if Emma Green is a popular person what people would search for than i choose nr 2 or 3

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How about something like @thebeautyqueen

And then in the name field use something like:

“Emma - The Beauty Queen”

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ill choose keyword!
also avoid using numbers
dots and underscore also if possible

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I agree with the above gentlemans and go for keyword base name.


Thanks for all guys…

Usually I seen that the best way to make accounts in the beauty niche is by using Name Based accounts .

People tend to fallow a beauty guru much more than a brand.
See Youtube videos as example, who has more fallowers ?

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