Kickass Content Tool on Special

Thought I’d pass this along (I have squat to do with this company or product). I just love great deals on apps that are in my arsenal.

This web based app / extension which I use a lot for the ‘quick and dirty’ (think Canva).

– Do yourself a favor and check it out for a sec you’ll see exactly what the possibilities are.

Is on sale here: for a one payment lifetime deal.:wink:

That is all.



This looks awesome - what a great deal. Thank you for the hook up… Am currently working on starting an Instagram focused marketing agency, and have been grappling with how to handle such a large content request… looks like this is extremely easy to use, perfect to hand off to an eager and creative artist (yet not photoshop adept) or do ‘quick and dirty’ work like you said.

Thanks - will try it!

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Thanks, I will try it soon. It seems way more better than Canva. :smiley:

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How much better than Canva is it?


The interface was faster and easier to use (at least for me), I found the features faster than in Canva. And I was also able to create better looking stuffs than with Canva. :smiley:
But I just tested this for half hour, these are my first experiences with it. I have to experiment more with Stencil.

There is a free option, you can try it.


I have lifetime youzign. But I still buy this offer. And it is much more easier, faster and friendly. Thanks for recommendation. :slight_smile: