Kids influencers under 13 on IG?

Hey, in Instagrams TOS/guidelines it says that user must be over 13 years of age to be able to have an active Instagram account.

We are working with an agency which blows up young kids via YouTube, social media and TikTok… we are working with this 12-years old girl, who has milions of views on YouTube within our small country.

However, her old Instagram has been deleted due to multiple reports from other users about her being underage, thus Instagram requested proof of age (passport or Birth certificate), with her being still 12 her agency decided not to photoshop any legal documents thus account being deleted
… she is turning 13 later this year so in theory we would have to wait until then… she has multiple songs coming out very soon and needs to have active social media.

Probably biased in this case, but DJ Khaleds son also has an account, which obviously his parents/agency takes care of, but still technically is under 13.

Anyone has any recommendation? Cheers! :slight_smile:

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There must be possibility to create a fan page or a social media manager page for her :thinking:


My friend got reported for being under 13 (she is 23), took 2 days and a lot of id verification to get her account back.

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sadly in our instance she truly was below 13 and owners of the account were too afraid to photoshop birth certificate

Don’t do any shady methods. It can be a bad reputation just for starting her journey. There must be other ways.

Maybe the parents can start the page and run for her!

sure, but how does one distinguish it? that its run by the teen itself or by their parents/agency?

its just weird, I doubt that having “account is managed by my mom Karen” in bio will fix anything if people continue to report her

I talked to some people from the Industry here in Central Europe and what is common here is that parents of such young influencers are afraid that this new and up-and-coming influencers might take over their kids (also influencers) in terms of Views/Fame so they do report with her other mom-friends account of this potential influencer


wow crazy parents. Those kids are going to grow up screwed up for sure.

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and nobody really talking about the fact they are exploiting their kids to generate money, this particular case, mom quit her job to fully focus on her daughters fame, fame decided to dip so she decides to ruin others influencers journey…

The making of the next Tonya Harding movie. lol


Pretty interesting
I would suggest that you create an “official fanpage” that is officially managed by someone else
This is your best shot at dodging the rule and she can still upload her own pics and do whatever she wants

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Not worth it. Just wait.

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Another child bites the dust for having a childhood.

I see kid influencers every day, in the bio it says “page managed by parents” or something similar.

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You must send their parents passports and say that the page is managed by their parents.

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cheers everyone, thats what we went for with a new account, thank you :slight_smile:

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jesus charge your phone! I am getting anxiety by watching this


Damn it, the kid has way more followers than me. lol

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