Killing Organic Engagement, Creator Accounts, Roadmap to Subscription Model

NOT related to the Follow Block Gate of 2019, but interesting to connect the dots…

  1. About last year @wortime discovered Instagram was testing ‘Creator’ accounts.
  1. A couple of months back - Canadians became guinea pigs to what Instagram dubbed as the response to making the platform healthier by removing the number of likes of a post. I hypothesize this was a test to see if they could push personal accounts into business accounts, with detailed metrics.

Now given the state of whats going - in addition to the article linked below, my hypothesis (please take this at face value) is that this is their Roadmap to Subscription Accounts possibly undercutting influencer marketing agencies all together, taking the entire pie of the influencer marketing revenue. I believe someone else eluded to this as well.

  1. Agencies are now voicing their concerns since last week about noticing Instagram Killing Organic Engagement in Favor of ‘Pushing Ads’.

What do you think is happening?

  • Creator Accounts = Pay to Play in the Future
  • Death of Influencer Marketing Agencies
  • Just Chill - All Part of the Journey
  • Who Cares

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But Instagram is really fighting automation and manipulative tactics that people use to increase there
engagement and growth to reach more audiences! in Favor of ‘Pushing Ads’ As you said!

they even giving away free ad credit so people would try there ads!

but as for now everyone is in the statue of:

Just Chill Bro and be part of the journey apply the new settings change proxies and your good to go for now!

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I think they will never be able to shutdown automation completely

Considering half of the forum gave up on aggressive follows but increased the number of slaves to cover the “damages”, i’d say instagram is trying to fight something it can’t beat. :man_shrugging:t2:

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