Later today I’ll be pushing the site categories and new pdf reports live

User categories are being worked on and will be available to registered users in their dashboard

Here’s a quick video of the two features


Categories are working well as Google landing pages

Some updates still to add
Edit Title and Description Tags
Upload image

We also have the new report rss feed working
This is currently setup for importing straight into Insta.
So when a new report is run it tags the user account

next list of upgrades

  • pinterest-style images in the RSS, auto feed to pinterest
  • top hashtags to be added to description in RSS both Insta and Pin
  • page title of report page to be tweaked to include profile name
  • Meta title & description on category pages
  • possibly image upload option for category pages
  • allow HTML in categories description
  • fix emojis in screenshots

Nice Post. Looks like a good site, I’ll check it out.

Categories also work well for tracking brand accounts

I guess people could just run their own “Kwenchy”?

Seem to get this error while using - Notice : Trying to get property of non-object in /home/kwenchy/public_html/sources/instagram/controllers/report.php on line 17


We’ve made a lot of changes to this, but happy to share them

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What report are you trying to run?

We’ve changed it that you need to login to view reports, but they are still free

Was when it showed any report after you click search on the dashboard. Tested it again and still doing it

Did you logon and run from the user dashboard?

DM me the account

i had the samee issue, the platform show me that i need founds to view reports :frowning: