Landing in the DM requests on IG?

Is there any possibility that IG throttles new accs that are sending DMs? Meaning that they get into the request box? If so do aged dones perform better or no difference?
I have a new acc and messaging some users (all natural behaviour and under the treshold) but noticing that alot of them don’t open. Is that a problem of landing into the requests or they just aren’t interested in opening?

I don’t even know that it is possible to land in the “normal” inbox, even huge verified people who contact me, landed in the request inbox. But I someone may correct me if I´m wrong.

DM will all go into the request if it’s the first time convo with that user from X account.
Recently IG introduced a setting ( not to accept DM from people who don’t follow you )
So if its set, They won’t be sent in the first place but marked as sent from X account,
this might be the reason you feel the performance is low -
Also on bad proxy DM is shown as sent and it was never sent.


Piggybacking on the feature that IG made abt approving first if you can receive messages from a user even if you are following them and they are following you. This could be why a lot of users don’t notice the messages.

Do you know guys perhaps when was this introduced?

It’s been more than 5 weeks. But people started to notice now.

if the user has the not accept DM from people who don’t follow you what will happen is that you will see that DM is sent from your end but they will never get it, also, keep in mind that users might not be interested in opening DM as they get a preview of that dm they might not like that.