Landing page generators for hack niches, need help

Hello, I am using IG+ogads. My niches are blackhat, so game H@acks, generators.
I have warmed up IG accounts and now ready to add links on bio.
1.Where do you get your LP with online generators?
2.I am thinking to use or shorter inks for my domain, is that good?

P.S I do not want ogads LP, as I think if I could get my LP it would improve my CR

Thank you,
Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

About using short urls in the bio check this thread that will explain better why its a bad idea.

For Landing Page designs, you can find many nulled “Themeforest” HTML5 generators that you can use and also they are drag and drop type.

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I’d strongly recommend having a seperate domain with a seperate landing page for each account. Instagram checks the redirects for each link, which is why it’s a bad idea to use the same link on multiple profiles. It’s better to be safe, then sorry.

Best of luck on your journey!