Landing Page - Here's My final Piece of the Puzzle


As most of you know, in last couple of months I shared almost everything I know with this community and I do not regret it. All I wanted is to help you earn some money. So, you had a chance to see the settings I use for my Instagram accounts used for CPA marketing, I revealed my best performing niches, and even my frustration :slight_smile:

As I said, almost everything, so here’s my final piece of the puzzle.

Just to be clear with this, I did used G+ links to get different URL for each of my IG accounts or used FB Hashtag method to avoid getting blocked while promoting on Facebook, but all my prelanders, and when I say prelanders I refer to Facebook and G+ posts, led to my landing page of course.

Now, what was my landing page?

Let’s explain this in a simple way with that NFL Jersey giveaway CPA offer. My landing page was official NFL Shop website :slight_smile:

That’s why the conversion rate for this offer was high and that’s why this offer worked extremely well for me. It looked freaking real.

So, how I did it?

No, it doesn’t include hacking, I’m not capable of doing anything related to that :smiley:

It’s pretty simple. There’s a wordpress plugin that I used to jack NFL Shop homepage and show my pop up with nice free jersey offer image, NFL Shop logo and call to action.

Basically, users would think they’re on official NFL Shop page and shop is offering them free jersey. Who wouldn’t believe that, right? Well, you probably wouldn’t since you would actually check the URL in address bar and see it’s not official page, but ordinary users have no clue and do not check that kind of stuff.

So, I thought to share this plugin with all of you.
Some of you heard about it, some not, but here you go.

Download Jack Jacker Gold



Upload the plugin to your WP site, install and activate. Create new page. Then go to Jack Jacker settings in WP and create new Jack. There are couple of fields in Jack Jacker options.

You’ll see Select a WordPress page, select the page you just created.

I think screenshot speaks for itself. It’s up to you are you going to use bar text or only set color of it to match color of real website (the one you jacked). Personally, I do not like it and use only pop up. Now, the plugin doesn’t come with the pop up option, but here’s the simple code you can add to HTML field and you’ll get the pop up to show.

Here’s the code:

<!-- POP UP Start --><!-- <script src="//"></script> -->
         $(".close").on('click', function() {
<div id="overlay" style ="position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; background: #000; opacity: 0.6; filter: alpha(opacity=60); z-index: 5; display: none"></div>
<div id="popup" style="position:fixed; display:hidden; top:250px; left:50%; width:500px; height:auto; margin-left:-250px; background-color:#FFFFFF; z-index:6; padding:20px; border:solid 5px #2A1D9E; border-radius:5px;">
<a href="URL TO YOUR CPA OFFER" class="close" style="display: block; float:right; position:relative; top:-15px; right: -15px; height: 20px; color:#FFFFFF;">X</a>
<p style=color:#FFFFFF;">
<p style="margin:0; padding:5px; text-align:justify;">
<a href="URL TO YOUR CPA OFFER"><img class="aligncenter wp-image-21 size-full" src="URL OF IMAGE YOU WANT TO SHOW IN POP UP.jpg" alt="ALT TEXT" width="500" height="300" /></a>
<a href="URL TO YOUR CPA OFFER" style="margin:0; padding:5px; text-align:right; float:right; color:#333333;">CALL TO ACTION TEXT CLICK HERE</a>
<!-- POP UP End -->

Of course, there is some stuff you can change in the script according to your wishes, like position of pop up, color of borders… It’s up to you to decide.

Yeah, one more thing to mention. The field Jack Page Links should be set to YES so visitors are redirected to your offer whatever link they click on that website (even links outside of pop up)

After you set up everything, visit the page to see how everything looks like, don’t forget to visit it from mobile phone too to see how it looks like there, maybe you’ll need to do some changes in the code (position) to put the popup window in the right place.

That should be it. Simple and easy way to create efficient and convincing landing page. There’s nothing more convincing than offering you free iPhone, or Microsoft offering you free Xbox. :slight_smile:


@adnan, you are a legend!

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Thanks @benny, I’m trying :smiley:


Amazing share as always :smiley: you’re really giving it all away for free like this? :clap: :raised_hands:

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Sharing is caring @Johnny :smiley:

I feel good when I do good deeds. I just gave $200 to… my wife this morning. Great feeling.


Amazing share! This is really good and something I’m going to literally go and do now.

Instead of having my good looking landing pages which get some trust, the users get the literal source, so if you are promoting a real, actual product for free why not use their actual page as your landing and redirect every link with this tool!

Great stuff, thanks!

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Another amazing share :smiley:
Thank you @Adnan

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Well I gotta say, this is really amazing, wonderful. To sum it up: Adnan you are the man :star2:


Super! Thank you very much. :wink: :+1:

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Wow thank you for this great guide/advice! :sunglasses:

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That is amazing, thank you. Downloaded and installed it and going to it it a spin, looks amazing, especially the ability to change all links on page!

thanks again!

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Is there a way to make the pop up come up with a delay?
Thank you.

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Probably yes, I’ll have to google it :slight_smile: or maybe some of the users here already know?

Wow man, always bringing the knowledge.


Hello Adnan, i’m definately going to give a try to this. I ended up frustrated on CPA but hell, your passion is contagious!

Thanks for your efforts

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I gave my wife a year long trip to South and Central America once…

But she came back anyways…


i just hate this kind of bans…

Nice thread again !

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Nice thread!
This method could turn out to be very useful for me sooner or later :wink:

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Great post all around. Really did share some an amazing key content.

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Another awesome share :raised_hands::ok_hand:
I’m going to kidnap you one day :stuck_out_tongue: