Landing Pages for IG link

Did somebody try to use this?

Looks like they have very nice templates! Also wix is authority domain

I guess after submit name, email, can redirect them to whatever thank you page (it can be same for thousands of accounts)… It should work with IG, right?

I understand content of each page can be same as G robot only test if final link after all redirects is unique…



They do seem to have some nice looking templates, looks like some competition for Squarespace, who they’ve been gunning for for a while.

It should work, but you should read some of the Level 2 topics about websites to use for what you’re trying to do. I guess it depends on price and functionality, didn’t look into the cost of Wix.

Exactly, what? What’s the value of replying with a photobucket error image? :smiley:

Edit: Oh I see, it was supposed to be a gif but they got blocked from 3rd party sharing.

really :open_mouth: dam, anyways i didnt understand what she up to

It does . Same as weebly and . Many solutions are out there :slight_smile:

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I have used wix and it is pretty good, better than weebly I thought.

In this case no need domain I guess…

weebly and wix have been used by spammers a lot on IG, consider yourself warned.

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Also every other platform is used by spammers, including gmail. There are legitimate users of wix, I do not think IG would ban such pupular platform. What other platform suggestions do you have?

Well, if we would share this stuff it would also get saturated really quick as 500 indians and pakistanis are already monitoring this thread , waiting to be spoonfed )
Hint: kitten

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That is funny :slight_smile: would you mind to share in private PM. I will try to give back some useful info as well.

You know is used by millions of people, I doubt IG would ban such popular platforms as wordpress, wix or weebly.

Second option is to use lead pages and export html and put on s3/AWS (authority domain).

Currently I am using google forms and it works, but design is terrible and can not redirect… I need nice landing pages templates for travel…

Please list here any other good platforms for landing pages beside wix, weebly and wordpress.

Also any idea where can I get good HTML templates for Travel landing pages?

You can find great template on site like themeforest, creaticemarket, etc.

I find it more advantageous to use free domains than to use third-party domains. At any time they can derail their websites for no apparent reason.

The authority of the website matters if you do SEO.
Otherwise this authority is worthless. is very unreliable and cannot be trusted.

I have about 100 domains there. Because I was afraid that hosting them all on 1 website would be a red flag for IG I use Cloudflare to hide my own server IP. This can be done by changing the DNS server to Cloudflare at the website.

Suddenly I got emails from Cloudflare that the DNS servers were changed back from Cloudflare to Freenom. When I went to Freenom some domains had status “suspended”. Reasons can be things like fraud, violating conditions etc. None of this applied to my domains.

They did not send me a message that they suspended my domains. And when I look at the domains now I see advertisements.


Good to know from your experience. So the best thing is to buy your own domains. Offers of cheap domains is what does not lack there.

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Exactly, weebly works just fine

Also you can use Freenom to buy free domain for 1 year. :stuck_out_tongue: