Landing Pages for Real Estate Agents

Hey all, does anyone know a high converting landing page (ideally on clickfunnels) for real estate agents? Thanks in advance.

I specialize in real estate clients…Depends on what you want the landing page for… Trying to get leads for them or trying to get them to use your service…


im gona give you a $1,000,000 tip and this is for people getting leads for real estate agents and people that are looking seriously to buy a house

so say if john is in san diego and john is looking for a house in boise and john has a facebook account and/or google account and john is using Zillow or both of those websites have pixels for google and facebook and your probably wondering what a pixel is and a pixel gets johns data such as his behaviors which behavior means what he is looking at and how many times he is looking at it and say john looks at real estate in boise twice a day and spends an hour or so or even more looking at real estate in boise then this is showing that john is most likely to buy a house in boise and this data goes to both facebook and google and so when john logs on to facebook he mysteriously sees ads for real estate as hes scrolling down in his facebook feed and when he visits a website he will see a google ad showing about buying a home in boise to contact this certain real estate agent and you can purchase this data from google and facebook and you can create your own landing page for real estate in boise because I do this and that is where many many many people from California are moving to so I focus on that one city and when they send me their contact info then I sell those leads to real estate agents I have already made deal with and trust me I always find real estate agents who want these leads and these realtors fly these people such as john to boise and show him around and now john has trust in this real estate agent and he will 99% use that agent … one of the most kept secrets that no one knows about is gmail ads and this the highest converting for me by far to get leads and like I was saying when that person has a gmail account and is logged in then google gets his data and shows how many times john is looking to buy real estate in boise so this tells me that john is serious about buying so I will make an ad and I will target people looking for real estate in boise and I have a very special way to contact people like john that have looked multiple times for real estate in boise and no one really knows how to do this but me and I have landing pages for Spokane area, salt lake city area, phoenix area, boise, dallas, las vegas , Pahrump, and a few more but boise and vegas are by far my highest converting and I try all kinds of designs and text for my ads and one that’s killing it is “ready to leave California and come to beautiful boise contact me” and I have a beautiful backround…feel free to ask me anything


Bradley the only question I have is how do i access this data? Are you saying that you are targeting ads to people who are intrested in buying a house in Boise that live in California through Google ads for gmail?

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how much do you charge a realtor. do you do charge per month or per lead?


Trying to get buyer and seller leads

Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it. I understand how the pixels gather info that can be used for retargeting etc. I’m more so wondering what kind of landing pages people have found success with. Nice tip on Gmail Ads as well, it’s actually something we had discussed. If you don’t mind telling me about the messaging strategy I’d love to hear more. You can private message if you’d prefer :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey I have a friend who has a real estate consultancy in my city and they have properties whose sales they do offline. I was thinking of pitching them a website where they can showcase all their properties and and features and everything.

Can you suggest any WordPress themes for this?
I was checking the real estate directory but would that work well for them?

please PM me too i am very intrested as well and have lots of questions

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so i basically do it all through google and you need an ads account to do this

how do you charge people? Based on leads generated or if they close a lead you get a proportion of the sale?

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I charge different per area and I also charge more depending how serious that person is to buying a house for example someone who looks daily and even a few times a day at buying a house in a certain city… I usually sell the lead for $150-200 and I have many real estate agents ive been working with for a while and they know I have great leads and about 7/10 result in a sale so the agents will fly them out and they accommodate them and show them around town

whats the average sales price for these leads? Ive never heard of agents flying out customers and putting them up in a hotel for a 200k home. Mayyyyybe for a multi million dollar listing that will net the agent over 20k of commission but not for anything less than 10k of commission.

no they do not put them in a hotel they just fly them out for the da… it depends on what city it is and basically right now the salt lake area, seattle area, and las vegas area are my best places and I also go to smaller places such as Coeur d alene area in which there is crazy amounts of people from California coming so I will search in google who is searching for “real estate Coeur d alene” , “real estate Coeur d alene Idaho” “Coeur d alene real estate” and you have to search them in different patterns because even tho these are similar google looks exactly how you typed it and they match it to what exactly is being typed by other people , its just an advanced way in adwords but you get way better and enhanced results… my average leads are $150-175 and I have no problem at all selling them and the agents know my leads have led to many sales so I stick with these same people and I know I can be a dick and use these testimonials and approach other real estate agents and charge double for the leads but I wont do that

Could you create a thread on this topic which describes the process more? I’m interested as I’ve gotten the attention of real estate agents for providing them services, but would find something like this more fruitfully applied to other locations I know of in the US which are primed for such a method.

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Thanks for your message. I’m surprised that’s high converting. Is this the finished active site you’re getting leads from?

I would like more info too… I have agents in San Diego, who might want to get leads from you? on the selling part?