Landing pages probleme

i have a probleme with understunding how landing pages work please if you can help me
i work with OGAds and they provide their landing pages already
but any one recomend to use them because all the domaine name are blacklisted
so it’s just okey to change domaine name with a blogger blog for exemple or another web2.0 service?
i see also guides tell to use blogger to redirect to another website why do that and what is the difirence ?

You can download landing page on put on own domain and hosting.

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and what’s difirence dowing that directly or with blogger between IG and landing page ?

Instagram bot will check are outgoing liks blacklisted or no. So make sure your “directly” link is not blacklisted. There is few methods on forum how to hide links, or you can put landing page on own domain.

so ther is no problme if i put directly blogger with landing page from OGAds ?
and i will hide my blogger link with google + methode for exemple
it’s okey like that or it their a probleme that i d’ont know ?

Just give it a try :slight_smile: I think it will be OK.

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