Landing Pages Strategy Implementation

Hello Guys!

So I have been growing 30 accounts in different niches since some time now. Those accounts have 15-45k and 2-6% engagement. I have been proposing paid shoutouts BUT I feel that I am underusing those accounts.

I am thinking about switching for a landing page strategy where I can capture emails then market them my products (I have 2 dropshipping stores) or affiliates…

I plan to use:

  1. WP + ProfitBuilder or Thrive Leads templates (One Shot Payment)
    I heard about ClickFunnels or Leadpages BUT I DON’T LIKE TO PAY MONTHLY
    Do you have any ideas which WP pulgin templates is converting the best?

  2. Buy 30 domains for each landing pages
    I heard that IG have restriction regarding domains. Do you know anything about it?

  3. Hosting it on Hostgator or bluehost or…
    So all websites will be on the same IP address. Is that a pb for instagram? If yes what can I do to tackle this?

You may be better off using something like convertri, landingi, or clickfunnels. That way you don’t have to pay for hosting for all of the pages too.

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convertri, landingi, or clickfunnels are so expensive…

Landingi is only $40/month, unlimited landing pages.

ProfitBuilder 67.67
Domains 27
Hosting (blue hosting) 36

For 110$ each year I can do it with WP so why should I pay 40$ each month?

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I’d go with the WP + Thrive unless you can justify the price for other on-going services with your already existing sales.

Once you get sales from WP+Thrive, you can try with other higher end tech. However, I’ve learned that tech shouldn’t be the deal breaker at first. Get the sales first :slight_smile:

Best converting? That always depends on the market, the OFFER, the quality of traffic, how simple you make it and the all-mighty follow up.

You shouldn’t. I was just sharing my thoughts. Landingi’s ease of use and integrations are awesome. But doing it through wordpress definitely works too!

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i know its old :crazy_face: elementor plugin its your best friend

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