Laptop Recommendations?

I know this is slightly off topics, but I was just wondering what good laptop people recommend for browsing the internet, watching videos accessing my VPS the usual stuff (not for running tools as I have a VPS).

i have loved my 2012 Macbook Air for years but I feel its time for an upgrade. I want to hate apple but I am looking closely at their latest Macbook Pros - anyone have one?

The Dell xps laptops seem to have superior specs at a lower price but they just don’t seem as smooth as macbooks when I tried one.

What are people’s suggestions?

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And for doing this you want a:

Bit too much for the things you want?

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But I feel MacBooks are so smooth - and the latest macbook air is not much of an upgrade. Plus I do have thousands of tabs and applications open at the same time so I do use the processing power.

Just wanted to hear people’s opinions and then come to a decision :slight_smile:

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I know your feels, mac book just seems so damn cool, I also wanted to buy one a couple months ago, but seriously, it’s just not worth it, especially for your needs. Apple really did a great job with it’s design and commercials I guess lol…

Maybe I’ve been brainwashed but I really wanted to like the latest Dell Xps but it seemed so much less intuitive and smooth compared to the macbook - what laptop would you recommend then?

I don’t know that much about laptop and technical stuff like that, but I just do know that when buying a mac book you’re paying way too much just for the brand. I mean, if you really want to, go buy a mac book, but I personally think that we’re all brainwashed by them lol.

I have a macbook air. When i bought it, i said i never would buy a windows machine ever!

But, i installed a ssd in my windows computer and now its as fast as my mac. So if you buy a windowsmachine, just go for a good ssd. I think you can get better machines for the same money as an macbook.




But viruses? and general longevity?

Yeah that really is a con with windows. So if you’re browsing on a lot of shady sites, and aren’t really looking at your safety, this is really a pro for a mac book :slight_smile:

Funny, for as long as i have been using windows since the beginning, and browsing shady websites, ive never gotten any virus serious enough that broke my PC.

Maybe once or twice, was really desperate for the keygens, but avast free and the rest pretty much stopped all kinds of shit internet throws at me.

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As wat @dddd mentioned already, if you are just browsing, doing the things you said in the opening post, you won’t get any virusses at all with windows. However, it’s possible, but I think you will be safe!

Anyway regarding the discussion, a few months ago I had exactly the same issue as you have. I was/am running a bit older windows laptop (Dell) though. I looked into the Dell xps laptop’s and I think they are awesome, when I have the money, I will definitely buy one! I’m thinking of the Dell XPS 15" with SSD + 16gb ram. It’s a bit higher priced, but I think it’s worth it when you use it 4 years or so every day of the year.

If I were you I would go for the Dell XPS, they are really really awesome!

I agree its a myth that your PC will be downed by viruses

Avast and Malwarebytes all you need

I’ve also been looking at the newer XPS’ but they’re not so cheap for a Dell when you consider it will fall apart within a few years. I still may get one of the 13" for photo editing while traveling, don’t know yet, still broke.

An Apple laptop on the other hand won’t do that, but they’re more expensive up front. I guess it’s really about how you want to distribute your money. One big price, or two lower prices for an “upgrade” when the Dell eventually dies.

Do you think it will fall apart in a couple of years? I have had a few different laptops in my life, but the only one which survived after 3-4 years is the dell. It’s a Dell Latitude by the way, so a business model laptop. Maybe it’s better.

I only read good stories about the Dell XPS, they are really nice! I prefer the 15" above the 13", but that’s a personal preference.

Interesting! The one Dell laptop of mine that did kinda survive was an Inspiron, but it was one of the high end gaming versions before they bought Alienware. I think they do use more metal and better materials in the business lines, but they cost more, so it would make sense. I have a feeling the current gen XPS machines are much more durable and will probably last longer, but not as long as a Macbook, those are built really well.

Same about the XPS line, that’s why I’ve been considering it. And yeah 15 inch is the ideal size, much easier to type with, 13 is definitely a bit small.

Thanks all for your responses. Yeah my laptops all prior to my 2012 MacBook Air lasted around two years max. Do I fear this could be the same for the dell xps. So I’m really in a dilemma now.

This is a little false. Unfortunately there are fully undetectable crypters are out there that’ll make viruses pass through protection software scans, and fairly cheap. Generally the biggest threat I feel is getting targeted because of the online assets the “hacker” knows you own, sending a file via email or link posing as a client or such. If you’re typing valuable information, always tread with caution on that computer.

@josephd12345 I would go with a Windows if you’re on a budget, I prefer Dell and Asus. Unless you’re willing to pay an extra few hundred for the cleaner aesthetics of a Mac. Mac’s are a little safer too, but any computer is susceptible.

I’m not really on a budget - I am happy to spend more on a mac if it’s worth the money - but if it is not then not as keen. Difficult dilemma for me :slight_smile:

Also funny, because as i have said, i downloaded a gazillion files, some filled with legit virus, and i purposely had to turn off AV to get it, and i remember it causing a wreck and i had to reformat, but i wasn’t entirely sure if it was the virus or malware or not.

And till this date, i’ve never had any credentials getting hacked.

Of course, over the years i’ve gotten smart, and only download from reputable sources. And if it’s really suspicious, i just open a VM and load the exe there.

If you’re not on a budget, get the razer blade. The best stuff you can cramp in a laptop. Not a laptop guy, but i think it looks freaking cool. Plus the spec is real beefy.

Some people smoke two packs of cigarettes everyday and are fine, doesn’t mean the risk isn’t there.:wink:

Although I think the most dangerous hacker is one that is targeting you for specific data (like social media login credentials), not one that just accidentally infects you because of a torrent/shady site.