Launching a follow-for-follow community platform for Instagram. Anyone interested?

Hey all,

I’m currently working on a follow-for-follow platform for Instagram and I’m just wondering if anyone is interested in joining. I noticed that there isn’t any dedicated platforms like this on the web so I decided to develop one myself: I’m looking for highly active and engaged accounts/people to build a supportive and non-toxic community (no bots). It’ll be launching at the start of 2020.

If you’re interested, give @followchainorg a follow on ig, hmu and I’ll follow back. I’ll be posting its exact launch date there.

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Couldn’t think on anything less useful :upside_down_face:

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What makes you say that?

Numbers you can achieve are insignificant and the followers you are gaining are not niche specific, have no interest in your content and thus won’t engage much.


Good luck with your project but I really doubt anyone here will be particularly interested. This follows the same concept as the apps where you used to follow users and get coins, and then trade those coins in for followers, but in reality followers dropped fast and ended up with a shitshow in terms of your engagement and account trust score.

I disagree. Been using a Reddit follow-for-follow thread for about a year now and my engagement rates are high.

There will be people who would be interested in this, clearly there’s a demand, but I’m skeptical that many people here would be interested as we are more interested in followers that can convert into money.

oh boy oh boy

high engagement on 1k account
mic drop

Hey, thanks for your comment. But just to be clear, I’m not going to be using the same concept as any apps out there like you mentioned. No bots, currencies, none of those bullshit. It’s just about sharing your ig username to expand your follower base/find new people to connect with.

It’s better than low engagement on a 1k account.

How did you plan the backend logic?

Do you do any kind of checks for the follows sent/received or is it kind of arbitrary, hoping to get a follow-back?

Hey, thank you for your questions. Yes, it’s sort of arbitrary, the back-end will be forum-based like this website and front-end similar to Twitter. I’m currently only finding active and engaged accounts to join before launch (close to 50 people right now) so the possibility of a follow back is much higher. Also, I do care a lot about engagement rates so I will guarantee quality people. You in? ^^

Sorry to say but I see it kind of useless and highly abusable in an arbitrary, open system.

No problem. But I’ve tested its concept and viability before hand and it worked for a moderately-large group of users because of its community aspect. Lmk if you change your mind :slight_smile:

Build a closed platform, verify deliveries and find a solution to implementing a monetization system.

That’s how I see it working and profitable, I would definitely pay to get real followers.

Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll keep that in consideration.

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If you do so you should consider categories/niches so that people follow only the accounts they really are interested and it won’t end up in a spam community. Good luck I’m looking forward to it.

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Hey, thanks for your support! Yes, niches are a super important factor for consistent engagement and I’ll definitely be incorporating it some way or another.