Launching My Mission Part 2

Hello welcome back to my journey. A couple months ago I became serious about tik tok and really wanted to grow. On one account within 3 days I gained 5k followers because one of my post is at 2million + views. With school and corona virus my views went down because I stopped grinding and went from gaining 400 - 500 followers a day to 20. I am currently at 11.2k and am a repost account of course. I am trying a new strategy of instead of 1 post a day I am going to post 3-10 post a day and see how my account does. Since I have came back about 2 days ago I have already doubled my daily followers from 20-40 and I am going to keep posting and grinding all summer. By the end of summer which is 2 months I am going to keep posting 3-10 times every day and I am going to reach 200k by the end of the summer. That is my goal and I will achieve it. No bots. No automation. Just me I will test strategies so you can see what works and in 2 months time I should be able to break down a lot of test for you guys. See you soon keep you updated :slight_smile:


Sounds like a great plan to me! Good luck on your journey and keep us updated!

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Awesome, good luck on your mission! :slight_smile: Looking forward to hear how it went and what you’ve learned!

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Good luck with your Journey, hope you’ll get there! :smiley:

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Wish you the best of luck. Let me know if you need any help.

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sounds great, good luck :+1:

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How is this going man?

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just hit 13.5k on one account and 8k on the other !

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just recently had a video that went viral and is close to 3 million views. gaining about 300 followers per day on the 13k one and about 200 a day on the one with 8k !! going great and want to start monetizing soon but not sure how

Wow congrats! That is really impressive. Do you still post 3-10 posts regularly after your video went viral?

yes on my account with 14k i post anywhere from 5-30 times a day. Yes it’s annoying but even if i don’t think a post is that good i post it anyways. Usually the videos i don’t think will go viral and up going viral. just keep posting. your success on tik tok is basically based off of how much you post

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30 times a day!? Damn haha. If it works, it works, I guess! Kind of the Garyvee quantity -> quality method :slight_smile:

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Nice and you won’t get banned or anything because you post so much?

I would be wary of posting that much imo. Had problems with it in the past and there is probably a much lower number that will do the trick

I have been posting 20+ videos a day and doing a lot of duets and got from 12k to 40k in 5 days


great results man, don’t you think 20+ videos is a bit much.

I’m still able to get viral posting once a week so… Posting a lot doesn’t mean you’ll get a lot of fans quickly.

No because after awhile you have lots of videos you are just reposting and make like 6 new videos a day.

How many followers you getting a day

About 500 but that’s a new account I just started. Most viral video for the moment has 70,000 likes