Launching My Mission

Hello, ig king here… after hacking the Instagram algorithm and reaching an engagement rate of 500% on multiple accounts I am taking my skills to Tik tok. Here on tik tok I will be reposting videos from Instagram and other sites and stamping my progress. None of my content will be my own & I will not automate in anyway of course. I’ll starting off by posting 3 times a day I’ll update every week or so and let you know what’s working and what’s not. Any questions lmk. And if you want proof of my Instagram success just check my other post on this website. Talk again soon ~ igKing😴


It’ll work incredibly well. Lots of people have proven that on here. Be careful with posting more than ~4+ times a day. Good luck man!


Question, some of my videos get 0 views then randomly one will get 1000+ is this normal. It’s almost as if 1/5 videos gets pushed to the FYP and the rest get shadow banned / not looked at.

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Good luck…

Also interested in finding an answer to this 0 views problem .

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Yeah same :confused: do you have the same problem?

Yes, exactly the same. Some get 0 views. Didn’t manage to find a satisfactory answer or solution to that problem and I searched everywhere on the internet

You just need to :

  1. Post more, views will come.
  2. Be active on the feed and for you page.

This will bring so much more views. But if you just post and aren’t active on the app, you’ll barely get views, at least at start.

Tiktok algorythm is really, really, shit.


Thanx for your answer, you maybe are right. I was only watching the feed and the fyp and doing minimum likes but not commenting or more active liking. And for post I wasn’t motivated after seeing many 0s.

What type of content did you post?

Interested in this as well. I’m struggling to find good content in a platform that promotes OC such as tiktok.

Is there some limit why you shouldn’t go over 4 times a day?

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4 is just an arbitrary number, but I think that consistently posting 4-5-6-7+ times a day causes shadowbans

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Thanks for the reply! I’m still trying to figure out the number myself as well. I do see many accounts with original & non-spammy accounts which go over 4+ (2-8) sometimes even, so maybe it’s related to your other actions, whether it’s a repost (copyright) and the actual content of the video?

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Definitely could be true. We need to keep testing and discuss it more after!

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Definitely, will do!

My main observation is that unless you make (or repost/repurpose) crazy viral content, the quickest way to grow (for my 1st account, so far, so tbh limited experience at this point) is by extracting data from similar content accounts & competitor’s accounts.

Then use that data to look at:

  • their followers
  • their followers’ activity
  • then go target their followers who were active in the last 48 hours
  • follow and/or like, and possibly comment (if relevant comments can be left; “cute dog, what’s its name?” – tbh, amount of relevant comments possible is low, so oftentimes just follow and IF they have uploads, minimally 1 like)

At this point, I can do batches of about 25 up to 50 follows at a time without being “blocked from following”. One catch is that when follow requests are accepted, too many at once, does “block from following”. But meh. And so far I’d say 5 out of 10 follow back within 24 hours.

But again, I need more data, experience & a longer timeframe (then duplicate to another account) to say any of this with certainty.

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would be cool if you could tell us more about your instagram algorithm trick, it seems more like a mindless brag lol

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Check my mpsocial account I have the screenshots on my post somewhere

I think what @rebelgods is getting at… is not just the ‘results’ but more info on ‘the process behind getting said results’. That way, other people could also learn from it! :slight_smile:

500% ??! You’re awesome man, can you teach us some of your tricks ??

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I read somewhere that between 5-30 posts a day is optimal for growth, not that i have time for that!

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