Learn How to Simulate Touches in Android Devices


This is a short guide for those of you that want to learn the basics of how to send commands to your android smartphone using your terminal.

First of all you need to setup your development enviorement. You will need to install adb, but its just easier to install Android Studio.

Download and install Android Studio from: https://developer.android.com/studio/

Next you will need to activate debugger mode in your connected android smartphone. This can change in every phone so try to find your way by googling: enable debugger mode [insert here your smartphone name]

After that, open your terminal and type this command in the terminal: adb devices. This should show you the list of android devices connected to your computer.

Then you will need to open the app that you need to simulate clicks on OR if you know the package name of your app you can type this command:

adb -s YOURDEVICEIDENTIFIER shell monkey -p YOURPACKAGENAME -c android.intent.category.LAUNCHER 1

You can get the device identifier using this command in your terminal:

adb devices

The name of the package is basicly the name of the app. For example if you are trying to automate Tinder you should use the package name “com.tinder”

After launching our target app, we are prepared to send the command that will simulate the touch. For that purpose you can use this command:


One more time you will need to obtain device identifier and the coordinates X Y to locate the touch on the screen. In my debugger options in my smartphone i can select the an option that shows me the coordinates in the smartphone after every single touch. I dont know if thats possible in all smartphones so you will have to figure out this.

If this guide gets attention I will try to do another one more in depth talking about automation on android phones using adb commands and python 3.

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Funny enough I was just looking into this last night - Would love to pick your brain sometime.

Have you used this for adult/dating app funnels?

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Yeah im currently developing a multithreading mobile farm for tiktok and i have used this for gpt, dating, snapchat, etc… but you should be finding boundaries of elements and randomizing the XY coords acording to the bounds to avoid bans or getting flagged as a bot.


Trying to do something like this? :smiley:


Thats too big for me, my aim is 200 devices. Dreaming is free tho :thinking::roll_eyes:


Good one losek. @Hydroxz, bro, maybe this is a good extra you can do for your bot so you won’t get a ban. The press on random parts of the button on the phones as to make it more human like. If you did not do that already this is.


Its a pleasure to add value to the community :ok_hand:t2:


All use Xiaomi mobile phone, the price is cheap

not really cheap imo. There are cheaper options

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couple big accounts I know are getting P.V.s like crazy becuase of bots.( they use what they call acceptors – bots made to just accept private requests – these accounts deal in 5-50 k daily growth doing private s4s – and your method tutorial excellent for some of them) if you can manage to do this in a way that can be replicated via iphone/andriod-- I got a market for you. Some are working fine, however some of the accounts have low trust scores and need a item like that.

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Im in development phase at the moment, but im able to extract bounds and simulate the click without problem. After I finish the first beta i will contact you with some photos of the phones doing the automatic work :ok_hand:t2:

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