Legit question: Is TikTok only showing my content to gay people?

I am a gay singer. I started off posting singing videos on my personal account getting max 1K views, and then decided I wanted to get creative and do different things so I started posting non-music, gay related content as well and those vids got to around 20K views over the course of 2 weeks. But, I notice now that, when I post singing videos, most of the people who like the videos (people who aren’t even following me) happen to be gay.

So essentially, I’m feeling like TikTok is not showing my music related content to the “singing” niche, they are only showing it to people in the “gay” niche. I personally find that frustrating. I didn’t realize that TikTok would pigeon hole my content like that.

I have started a separate music account where I’m not posting anything gay related, but, now I feel like if I try to repost content, it’s not going to work well either.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy as a gay singer to have a gay audience. It’s just a much smaller audience and I’d like to be able to reach the entire singing niche. It feels as if TikTok is hiding me from the straights. That’s what I’m feeling.

Am I crazy for theorizing this? Does this make sense? Has anyone had a somewhat similar experience?

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I feel like this is something that they would definitely do, based on their past.

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Don’t use TikTok enough to understand their algorithm but pretty sure any social media app would continue to show your content to the audience you already have, or a similar audience to one that currently engages.

It seems like you’re trying to find a broader/bigger niche, which simply can’t happen overnight, or hell probably even 2 weeks… and definitely won’t if you just post and expect it to happen. Now maybe if you posted something that went viral with a bunch of other tags, gained a different audience it would help you hit other areas and expand your audience beyond your current one… but who knows.

Than again, it is owned by a Chinese company so I could also see them censoring your content… not that it happens but yeah… China isn’t exactly known for expanding human rights.

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What’s the link to your profile?

Are you using LGBTQ hashtags?

The user has been inactive for a year