Less likes on instagram? How to solve this

I’ve noticed 5 reasons why I’m getting less likes on instagram. 500% less likes than 6 months ago. Let me know if you don´t agree with any topic, if you want to add other one from your experience and most important: let’s find the solution for each one.

1 Using boots the wrong way. Instagram can recognize patterns (in the way you like, comment, follow & post). If your behavioral pattern on Instagram looks suspicious (like the one of a bot), you are putting your account in danger.
Solution: Always respect the limits for each action.

2 shadowban: hashtags don’t work anymore.
Solution: Check if your hashtags are blocked before you use them.
Avoid over-used hashtags (with millions of posts) and rotate your hashtags.

3 if you switch to an Instagram Business profile, you might experience a decrease in engagement. Does reverting to personal profile could increase the views?

4 I don´t interect with other IGs enough. The more you interact with an account, the more it will show on top of your home feed. Instagram will take note of which account you seem to “like” and “engage with” the most. So they will show you these accounts the most.

5 Months ago I spent two weeks without posting and my rate views never recovered from that time. Consistency is the golden key to grow on Instagram.

Also I use a like exchange APP. On instagram data my reach is lower than engagement. What is something not natural, do you think this hurts the organic engagement?

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you forgot one reason and the main reason. Instagram cut our reach and now feed is ‘like’ based ( if popular, next post will be seen, if not…account dies) …that is why. it affected everyone on Instagram.


Well noticed Alexnvo. This big algorithm changes happened on 2016, right?. I was analyzing the past 6 months but surelly from since then, in each Instagram Updates is affecting more the performance of our posts.


it started then and still, continues. I am fighting myself what is more important - reach or likes, I am leaning toward likes and comments overall. Yes, engagement is important but if you only post a few spread over days…I think your account sooner or later is a goner.


I think reach, without reach we don´t have likes or comments and shares that is most important for instagram algorithm. I was just reading this:
"According to several sources, the Instagram algorithm ranks comments and shares higher than they do likes."

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I post once a day. sometimes twice or 3 times a day when is fashion week.
How often do you post?

min 3 max 5 spread over 12 hours

The services are becoming more and more sophisticated and learning to perform different behavioural patterns to avoid shadowbanning. The most advanced and invincible I’ve encountered is zen-promo https://zen-promo.com/instagram_auto_direct_message. And build-in spyntax formating is the most interesting thing to play with.