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Hello everyone I just wanted to start a fresh thread about Twitter marketing. Experiencing some unusual things today & I know many of you also participate in Twitter automation so I thought we’d all connect here.

Anyone else experiencing unusual amounts of SMS calls & codes today?

Let’s connect

I haven’t noticed anything unusual today :open_mouth: I hope we’ll hear experiences of other people’s for today’s performances.

Hello my friend @Jaha I hope all is well. That is great to hear that you have not yet seen anything unusual. It was similar to a domino effect with SMS call verifications on almost every account

The strange part is, they are all operating on different 4G proxy IP’s. Still diagnosing & checking into why this may have happened & will be sure to share more info soon

Yeah, that is really weird especially if you’ve been using different proxies for your Twitter accounts.

Have you been using anything else that was in common for your accounts, such as posting the same content etc? Something that Twitter could use to relate your accounts?

No actions that would be identified out of the ordinary. Has been a pretty smooth journey of about 4 years, I just have not seen anything quit like that. I was hoping It wasn’t the start of doomsday😄

I lost 4 accounts last week to a suspension/ban wave. Currently in the process of recovering them which may take several weeks.

But I did receive a few lockouts from then from very limited activity.

Seems Twitter’s anti-spam system is in full sweep mode

Hello my friend @Gtamaster that is unfortunate to hear. Clients / accounts of importance? Has Twitter been responsive in the process?

I hope you get them back🙂

yep, something is fishy these days, i stopped a few accounts lately just until we have a full picture of what happening.

I haven’t seen anything unusual, Are they clients’ accounts?

What tools are you running? Do you tweet same contents on those accounts?

Hello @Luca I agree with you. I believe they are trying to clear up the amount of spam accounts, as It has been a bit out of control lately. Have you had any accounts disabled prior to pausing?

Hello @ossi main accounts yes. No disabled accounts, I have never experienced that. I just thought It was a bit unusual to experience as many sms calls as I did yesterday

Currently checking through logs. The only possible reason I see that this may of happened is 2 accounts tweeted a similar type of content but the verbiage was a tad different. Accounts were on different proxies as well as I mentioned above. Maybe wondering if they detected this through their anti-spam system.

How has your journey been?

Appreciate the well wishes.

I’m optimistic about recovering the accounts. It’s merely a matter of when I’ll receive them back.

One of my accounts received the same suspension (not simply a PV lockout) & I recovered it since it did nothing wrong. It just took 6-8 weeks for them to get back to me. I imagine the same will happen here, albeit I did receive some PV’s on these accounts for little to nothing (Less than 3 actions per day on these accounts beyond Tweeting).

They were important accounts for sure, but non-client ones fortunately.

if for nothing else, it calls me to use this time to grow the other accounts I had waiting to be built.

Setbacks give us the opportunity to get smarter.

So far so good on my accounts.

Glad I began diversifying prior to this so I didn’t have to start from literal zero.

It`s my pleasure @Gtamaster

Fortunately for you they were non-client & it always seems as long as you are not PV locked, you can go through the process of reinstating them as you mentioned.

That is correct! Minor setbacks for major comebacks. It is important to diversify & test other things. That`s what makes the journey so interesting!

Kindly keep us posted!

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yes 2 accounts then I saw a pattern there on Friends accounts and I decide to pause everything for now.

After the verifications I turned everything back on & so far so good. I did notice that some accounts are unable to follow as many as they were a few months ago but I will continue to keep an eye on logs

If you have an active account that actively tweets, increases growth, & has the message request filter on… check the requests. That’s why Twitter is ramping up anti- spam.

Lots of those “Hi babe come see me naked at this link :heart_eyes:

It’s been out of control for awhile. Not sure if these are phishing links or what exactly but it’s been out of hand for years

Just have a look at this profile for instance

Anyone know more about these types of accounts?

Hello everyone. Seems It was just a false / weird coincidence that day. Haven’t had any issues

Everything has been smooth. How about for you guys? How’s your journey?