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I believe its more than just a marketplace, I was on BHW for 5 years…that place is sketchy and the only section I used (Social media marketing) was filled with people posting every service they could think of…

Yes this forum has changed a lot since its inception but people help a TON! Literally just got some gold advice from a member who may or may not want to be named @Larsometer . Pretty much all the good stuff has already been posted somewhere on this forum though!


@Alexnvo I guess we will see. What happened today clearly indicates that there are emotional ties among members. We will see in the next days how strong these connections really are.

Last but not least… you are one of the father likes figures here in the forum. The more people like you raise their voice the more value beyond “greedy money” this forum can show. Also am guessing that people will feel that.

Still hoping I am not wrong on that.

edit @Duncan.Music don’t make it bigger than it is. Anybody you ask in the same kind way in which you approached me will help you here.


I’m not sure why selling something is being villainized. When people mention “sales thread” there is undoubtedly someone who brings it up as a negative thing.

On the flip side, people without a sales thread here are most of the times taken as selfless givers.

In reality, neither of the above is (entirely) true.

Behind almost every single serious sales thread here is a person who has contributed a ton. In some cases, because of those contribution and expertise is why they see there is a need for a product or a service that ends up on the marketplace.

Plus, through the products and the services, one gains a lot of experience which ends up being poured back in the forum in one shape or form.

Not to mention that the market decides if a product / service is needed or good enough. If the market needs good proxies and there is someone who delivers quality, everyone wins. If the product is not needed, too expensive or someone is under-delivering on quality, it will show immediately on the thread and in the reviews.

Sellers are often seem as only “pushing” their own products if they ever talk about a topic that is related.

If I want to know about proxies, I want to hear from @HenryCooper. But someone will without a doubt see that as promotion.

Same with me and hashtags. Yes, I have a services that I provide around them, but one cannot find a thread outside of the actual sales thread where I “promote” my hashtag service. Yet, I have been thrown under the bus in numerous hashtag threads as “he is only providing answers here so people can buy his service”.

@dma0245 has shared a metric ton of what he knows and does. As soon as he had a sales thread for a service (which people seem to be loving), the replies that he is promoting started flying around.

I can give you numerous such examples, but you get idea.

Of course, there are sellers who do nothing but promote (which is against the rules btw) and sooner or later an admin will catch up to them.

But, to think that all of us who have sales threads are here just to make a buck if highly skewed.

On the flip side, people who do NOT have a sales thread, or at least one that individuals are aware of are seen as selfless people doing it for the greater good. While that might be true for some, it is not an automatic qualifier.


I brought up the sales thing on the other thread because I was lead to believe that was the main issue that wortime tried to bring up. I deleted my post as it’s not my place to try to guess what’s going behind the scenes. Apologies to @dma0245 if it felt like I was trashing his services. And my forgiveness for falsely accusing me that one time.

Honestly, the only thing that bothers me deeply about this forum is the hivemind of people running Digital Media Agencies that are just doing F/U on automation for their clients and get triggered when I say that is extremely low-effort.

Today I received a message from a member of this forum telling me how they’ve been poorly handled by these “agencies” doing F/U. Their account is fucking amazing in terms of engagement and that agency should’ve been ashamed of even taking it into their hands when they don’t know what they’re doing, it was so irresponsible that it pains me someone is that selfish about making a few bucks while ruining someone else’s account.

Sadly there are a ton of people here who just want to attack me when I tell them to stop being a fraud and mishandling someone else’s business.

Is this stance considered shit posting though? I know we’re in a forum where everyone is automating, but should we ignore how some people are just fucking clients over?
I’d love to have a community of people who know what they’re doing with client accounts, so I could learn too. Yet sometimes it feels like no one wants to have that discussion because it’s impossible to automate quality management.
@MojoJojo pinging you because I’d love your take on this specific thing.


The most democratic thing to do for me is this: client comes forward or gives you permission to share who that agency is.

If client is unhappy, it is their right to share that experience (as long as they can back it up). If seller is known here, that negative review might make them reconsider how they do business.

Outside of that, everything is highly subjective.

If client is paying for F/u and are happy with it, who are we to judge the seller. If they are paying for something else but getting F/u, that is discussed with the seller, in private, then if not resolved taken to an admin (if service is sold here) and / or taken to the court of public opion.

The market is the market is the market. The market is always right in my opinion. Good services thrive, bad ones don’t survive for long.


I agree 100% with this!
We have to keep in mind that money is just a simplified form of exchange of value.


I don’t think it’s an agency that sells here.

I was just using it as an example of how F/U is bad for clients who care about quality and are usually swindled until they realize how the Unfollow part might be highly damaging to their brand.

The focus was more on my stance against offering that kind of service to a client, disregarding the brand damage that comes with it. Whenever I try to bring up that business discussion I always get shut down by everyone who gets triggered because that’s their business model.

I don’t try to bring it as shit posting, but I feel like a lot of people take it as such.

I totally get that the market decides, but it’s more of a discussion thing than letting people conduct their business as they want.


The reality is in 2 weeks this will be old news
I ask nothing and be such as I always have been

As mentioned earlier business as usual until the next shakeup either by Insta or here.


Is it correct to have that discussion only about offering follow / unfollow services to clients? I think most people here work on the edge of what is allowed or not allowed, and that most of the things we do are not entirely correct.

We automate what is not allowed to automate, we spam on IG, on Facebook, Twitter. We spam with email. Most CPA spam is deception. Most affiliate marketing info products that I am spamming with now are only made to take your money. We hide our identities by using proxies. And we are all here to make money, or to learn how to make money.

And some people make more money than others. But that shouldn’t be a reason to attack people having a sales thread…



People that have been on this forum for a “long” time are tired of answering the same questions over and over again.

People that come in here for the first time have a lot to learn, and can in 2 weeks learn the basics pretty fast.

I think it’s for the people new to this forum to contribute the most to new users, with simple replies, as those new people are not tired of helping with basic stuff yet.

If you have basic knowledge about topics in here it’s quite easy to find 3-5 topics every day to give a meaningful reply to. And reaching the next level in 30-50 days seems like a reasonable time IMO.



Just like Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat/Internet evolves, this forum also has to evolve.

Things that worked in 2017 don’t work (as good as they used to) anymore, so maybe we have to take a look at different routes and methods.

Learning new things will always be hard at first. Doesn’t matter if it’s 2015-2017 methods or 2019-2021 methods.

Don’t look at it as a hole in the road, but as a new opportunity for people with knowledge in “new” sectors and strategies.

Just because most of the leaders and people with sales threads are established in their field, mainly because they took years to learn it, that doesn’t mean that everything they sell/write/speak about will still be relevant in 6 months.



Don’t use the title of a member here as an indicator to trustability of their knowledge. If someone’s product or service is outdated, that person might still push their beliefs onto you, especially when you’re a noob, because that’s how they make money.

Shoutouts worked in 2015 and spending money on it was a smart idea. When Shoutouts stopped working there where still “big players” selling their service…why?

Because it’s easier to work with what you have (big shoutout selling pages) instead of spending money and time to build the new.

Hope you read the whole thing, long reply, I know! :slight_smile:


So you are implying that some people here with a sales thread sell their services even though they are outdated just because they have a certain rank? Where did you get that from? Care to share an example?


No, not because they have a certain rank.

I’m saying people with a running business will often push their services and products even though they know very well that there’s better methods because the way something works has changed.

In order to not lose business they often will speak down on new/other products or services that they know might work better.

Not calling names out, nor implying that this forum is known for it.


I’m sure you understand that I have nothing against what people do with their own accounts, which doesn’t mean that all of that is cool when you’re handling someone else’s business.

None of the examples you gave has anything to do with handling a client’s business.

I never attacked anyone who had a sales thread. I always brought up my perspective on threads where it was on topic.

You created a paralel argument to mine while avoiding mine completely. No value was added to the discussion yet you get all those likes, this is a nice example of why I don’t even care about the discussions here :slightly_frowning_face:

Did you not read the thread, where it’s explicitly said that this falls under shitposting? :no_mouth:


This type of reply is the perfect example of “if you don’t have anything to add, don’t post”.

@TradeKozy - please delete your message so it does not serve as the total irony of this thread.

You too @Grummel1, let’s keep it clean.


Post removed. i will keep my comments to myself.