Let's keep this BUSINESS forum to BUSINESS

MPSocial is a wonderful place, but let’s not forget that it is a business forum above all.

We are here to talk shop - tactics, strategies, problems, etc, related to social media and growing our businesses

Lately, a lot of personal drama, beef, mud slinging and shit talking are festering the forum. It is a total waste of time to get into such topics.

Because of the naturally dramatic nature of such topics they keep on staying on the home page and fuel even more pointless nonsense.


  1. Please refrain from creating such threads - if you have a beef with someone, take it up with him or her directly. Privately.

  2. I will unlist and close down any topic that is just mud slinging, until told otherwise by @Adnan.

Let’s get back to business.


Woooww this is called POWER!

If that is this forum it is wonderful, but it is not only a business forum, thanks to this forum and without doing business, I learned a lot and they helped me a lot more.

Thanks for not being a business!


The point is to keep it business or professional at least. If you get some personal positive ROI, awesome :slight_smile:

I’m happy to see that there’s at least an awareness that the shit posting is through the roof and I hope that moderation will start taking action against it.

Right now it feels like everything goes and intelligent discussion is usually drowned by the shit posts, making it harder to actually share value with others.


As a “leader” level, I cannot unfortunately unlist or delete specific replies, so the only way to shut things down is to lock the entire topic. Only an actual admin can edit in more detail.

It is not going to be ideal to to shut down an entire thread, but better than leaving it to grow into something completely non-productive.


Finally, that’s the reason why I signed up here


I appreciate you bringing this to my attention, I was under the impression that Leaders could delete individual posts.

I don’t usually want to report posts and bother the moderation with it, but I’ve had to do it recently and it was taken care of.

I totally understand your stance about not wanting to shut down topics, as that’s not the outcome I’d be seeking either.

I believe that a simple warning system, to let members know if something is considered shit posting, would help. I’ve also noticed shit posting being incentivized by the like system, which is just the saddest thing around here.

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Came here to grow a business, learnt a lot along the way. Had some help from some good people and been able to help some good folks too.
Happy to support the community.

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I don’t think it is necessary to have such a guidance, tbh.

My personal criteria is pretty simple - you either contribute to the topic or you don’t post at all.

Shit posting and name calling is pretty obvious.

But, I would go a step further and call out all the “thanks / funny remark / sarcastic comment / meme / pointless replies”. A thread of 100 replies contains at least 20 - 30% pure nonsense that you need to weed through to get to the actual information.

There are topics and sections for fun and there are topics for business and problem solving. The lines have become extremely blurred recently.


Totally agree with this but to advance to L2 you have to reply to a lot of topics. The fastest way to get there is to reply to the threads with this kind of meaningless comment.

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As someone who was getting tired of the shit posting when trying to throw my serious take/different perspective around some discussions, I have to thank you for doing your best to keep all of this civilized and business driven.

The “Instagram is hiding likes” thread made me cringe because most posts were “fuck Zuckerberg, we gonna show him”, totally pointless and taking away from an intelligent discussion about a pretty important change to the platform.


Totally disagree.

The fastest way by far to get to level 2, 3, 10, 100 is quality. You post 2,3 threads with actual value, collect those likes, reply to the questions and you have leveled up.

“Welcome to the forum / thanks for the info (on a 2 year old thread), etc” does nothing but annoy everyone else.


Again I agree with you, but I believe you have to reply to 150 ‘different topics’. Not just 150 replies.


That I’m not sure of tbh.

But, imagine what would happen to your street cred (and talking in general of course, not personally to you) if you add 150 replies of value?

Yeah, it is hard and it will take time, but you’ll stand out like noone else.

Level 4 as is currently stands is invite-only. Invites are generally given based on value, at least historically.

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This is how it should be but as @Avo said the rule is to give 150 replies on different topics and this is a motivation to meaningless replies.


Business is business. But people makes this forum rock. Our topics same as BHW. It’s the people that make it special.


Amen. It’s the people I have met here that have made all the difference. Before I knew about forum and the support the community, I was seriously depressed about life in general because my business was at risk without having some guidance and encouragement that I got from here. I didn’t get that from BHW.


Hate to disagree. Almost everyone here is also on BHW.

Its the attitude that makes it different.

I’m calling for MPS not to become BHW where the threads are 22 pages long with “me too / fck you / yeah / you know shit I been doing this for 1.2 weeks” type of nonsense. That place is just too big to be admined properly. Here, we still have a fighting chance.

The level system here is superior though, on bhw the Jr vip section Is dead

People at BHW want to sell. Here we want to help. Both forums are the same like it or not.
Every forum has a quality to it. Unfortunately this place is now just another place.
To sell to