Let's make a list of the actions and configurations that have generated us disabling

let’s make a list of the actions and configurations that have generated us disabling.

I create accounts to sell items and accounts to be sold.

All the accounts to sell articles have been disabled, however, those that only dedicate themselves to growth are still maintained. Without proxies and with average actions in them.

Actions that produce disabling:

  • Personally, I think the instagram AI is very sensitive to new publications. I am trying to publish from the mobile keeping actions from GMT f / uf and I still do not receive VP / EV! In a previous exprimento I decided to only use an account from the coarse cell with entering it to the BOT and publish from it so that the next day I would be disabled.

// Discuss their experiences and maybe we get good conclusions about how to act in front of this problem. I have already lost 12 accounts!

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Setting up links with lot of actions and using proxies is a nice way to get banned imo

Having the automation run 24/7, opposite to natural human behavior.

Had tons of accounts banned. Latest change I made has saved me. Since then have opened 50 new accounts. Don’t repost photos. Videos only

It seems to me that publishing from JARVE or GMT causes EV and PV and after this if you resort to the same actions you are disabled by the accs. I am experimenting, following 200 people per day and publishing from the phone

Using chinese numbers makes me get banned. anyone else?

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Don’t think it’s because the numbers are chinese… It’s because you’re using an online PV service

How would you run without proxies if you wanted to manage 100+ accounts safely?

There is no way to do that