Let's talk about IG Story Ads for Client Management

Here and there few people were mentioning that they were playing around with Story Ads for growth. So let’s make a dedicated thread for this where we can brainstorm and exchange experiences. I already made Facebook Ads, but more likely optimized for conversions/leads than for growth.

So here is the first question to the people who already setup Story Ads for clients: What is the minimum budget for X amount of growth?

Of course that varies depending on the clients account, content, value for the viewer, etc. So let’s collect some estimations to see if it’s a profitable strategy for both the clients and the managers.


Here are some calculations: When we are able to get $0,02 per link click and the conversion rate would be 10% the cost of 1 follower would be $0,20.

500 followers = $100
1000 followers = $200

The pricing could be around 25-50% of the ad spend, so package pricing would be around $125-$300 which is not cheap but regarding all the recent issues reasonable and good to sell since smooth for client and managers.

Now, is that a realistic calculation? I will setup my first Story Ad for growth on my personal account today and test myself as well.

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Any story ad for growth is basically an investment unless your targeting your clients specific avatar. It all depends on the client, if they don’t care about the targeting then you can go worldwide and for 5$ a day grow their following 20-100. I’ve had leads anywhere from .02 to .07 cents that way. If the client is adamant about only targeting specific country’s and users then your cost per follower is going to be more expensive but could become a potential buyer. When I run story ads it’s to link out to something and a bi product of the ad is some of the impressions covert to followers or DMs/increased engagemt


We can ask the client if his priority is social proof or sales, that way choosing the package/pricing.

I want more people to take Story Ads into consideration since results are counting at the end of the day, no matter if we achieve them by automation or paid advertising. Now, one thing is clear, with that strategy we are talking about pricing from $100+.

@Rbolska What do you think is the minimum ad spend we have to expect for creating some average results (20-40 followers per day) for average clients (personal pages) with worldwide targeting? It would be interesting to see how universal and scalable this method is.


Here’s some of mine when targeting worldwide, anywhere from 4-20$ a day generates 20-100 new followers even when I’m linking out to something else, so I imagine if you just link to your clients Instagram it would convert even better.

I run 15 second video ads though, i always ask my client to give me a 15 second vertical video explaining what they or their business is about. Every client I’ve ever ran ads like this for has loved the results. But most people don’t understand that the adspend is an investment into their personal brand. And they probably won’t see any ROI until further down the road


Thank you for the insights, looks good!

You made a good point, I also the think Story Ads have to be sold differently than average growth.

As @Rbolska says, it’s decent if your client doesn’t want to target a specific country/demographic.
You can either target worldwide or even go for countries that’ll give you the bigger reach for your money.

If they want to do targeted followers… Well, you’re likely competing with people selling products, that have a much higher ROI and will win in the long run.

Nowadays if people aren’t turning those followers into some serious cash they’ll be put out of the game by the people that are.

@roy If you’ve already nailed doing regular ads that convert into sales, scale that up.
There’s more money and longevity there.

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IG story ads missed its peak About 2 years ago. Nowadays the bid costs are at a higher level that it often doesn’t make sense for most clients unless there’s a funnel built out to cover the ROI.

Also, y’all giving each others info, hope you realize you’re likely to bid against one another and drive costs up if you go for the same targeting and settings lol


I second this. We only run story ads with built out funnels designed for ROI (ecom stores, local stores, etc). Gaining followers is however a logical result from this, as for some the step to buy is too big at the moment of engagement, but they are interested so they follow/like or give their email (on site).

Purely running story ads, or any ad in general just to gain followers and increase your vanity metrics is a waste of money (Unless you have a proven strategy to convert your followers into customers). Your clients will notice this aswell when your 2 or 3 months in when the results from an economic standpoint aren’t up to par on their investment.

Imho there are a lot of better ways to gain followers (where u can use ads as a vehicle to fast track this) by simply running giveaways through Vyper in combination with shoutouts, and even make a nice profit when doing this by growing various assets like an email list.

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hey guys! what is your strategy on this? :slight_smile: @roy @Rbolska

you build a traffic or reach campaign? how many interestes do you put in the ads (you also refine them?)

are you directing traffic to insta profile or external link?


If your call to action is a swipe up to your profile, they’ll land on the web version of instagram of your profile where they are not signed in. I heard something called deep links can allow the swipe up link to open your profile on the instagram app, what’s your experience with that?

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Yes if you use a deep link it will open in inside the app, there’s a website for building deep links… https://app.urlgeni.us/

i use traffic ads and link out to other things but you can use a deep link and link out to your instagram page so it opens in App. I usually choose 3 or 4 targeting options and i leverage the analytics inside Instagram for my demographic targeting. For instance i know that 80% of my IG followers are 18-34 Male who like tattoos, beards, and digital marketing so thats who i target.

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I used that tool but the deeplink URL to open up a profile in Instagram is different on IOS than Android. Do you have to make 2 different Instagram story ads (1 for IOS only users with the IOS deeplink, 1 for android only users with android deeplink)?

i prefer using story ads for affiliate/dropshipping, but for management/growth i dont think its worth it.

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