Let's talk about Instagram Account Creation

I’ve been researching the creation process for quite a while now. From user agents to hiding methods, to faking stuff etc, nothing browser side nowadays changes success rates.

A month ago, success rates were much better. Now, I have a lot of people telling me that success rates are down. This happened gradually, a little after follow/like blocks where implemented.

But anyways, my tests as of now have shown me that there is a major upgrade in IP technology/intelligence from Instagram’s side. A lot more IP’s with previous spam / abuse reports are getting detected, and to add on to this, Instagram is only allowing very few accounts to be created per host compared to before.

I still have a lot of my friends who are creating a lot of accounts using residential proxies, but 4G proxies are becoming harder and harder. I am also thinking of delving into API creation, but have not tested yet.

What do you think? Has anyone in this field made any research? Is MASS creation dead?


Your browser based bot is leaking fingerprints.
Clean 4G IP’s still work afaik.


As mentioned my browser does not leak fingerprints, I have checked through pretty much everything on https://browserleaks.com/ etc. I have been refining my system for over a year now. Even GeoLocation is faked to match IP location.

Clean 4G’s WILL work, but they will be flagged after 1/2 accounts are created in my experience. If the IP’s have any spam/abuse online they will be detected. This is the case for 4G proxies in my opinion.

How do you move your mouse? How do you select the boxes? How fast do you write your text?
Javascript is powerful.

Mouse moving over elements, selecting by clicking first, writing text at random ms speeds (ms) each character, removing characters on some html element boxes, etc.

This is what makes me think that proxies is what matters 100% nowadays.

As I said, friends are creating accounts through web based, but success rates are majorly down and the pools for resi proxies are slowly getting saturated.

Have you tested creating browser profiles with multilogin or similar, create accounts manually on real mails and clean resi/4g ips?

Then compare success rates with browser botting.

Your friends might also leak a fingerprint, depends on what they use.

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Have tested manually, adding cookies before visiting Instagram, creating on real emails too.

The only thing that helps is having a clean 4G IP that has never been used before. For example, my phone’s IP address. But then again, this only allows for 1 account or so to be created, even when changing IP (airplane mode)

I’m not too bothered on the protection side of the browser. It imitates a real one completely, but its the IP/proxies that matter the most to me. People who’ve been creating accounts in the past who can tell me their experience.

My friends use my browser based bot.

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Alright either you have your own proxy network or you could try to switch to API based creation.

Whats the rate per day/per week/per month you can create on the same IP currently?

I think this is the solution really, for people to make their own proxy network or try to delve into residential pools.

It really depends, the numbers vary quite a lot to be honest. I haven’t tested much as I’ve only been looking at the residential creation, but a lot of people have been telling me it’s quite random.

I have an assumption that Instagram tracks registration amounts down in specified regions and compare to usual amounts, but its just a theory.

How different are your browser fingerprints from each other?
I’ve had an API creator it worked perfectly for the first few registrations on different IP’s, deviceIDs etc, but I think they found similarity between my Device fingerprints (Useragents, etc.) and blocked my further actions even on completely fresh IPs. They literally can compare to 1000s of unique real devices and their patterns, no chance against that.

How do you build fingerprint reputation in regards to Facebook Pixel? They are known for shadow profiles.

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I used a popular account creation method with 4g mobile proxies with great success until I recently decided to test some other methods. And although they were easier and more efficient, and at first I thought, great account creation can be so easy, after just one or two accounts I always got the message that I can’t create accounts anymore.

So in my experience, the only legit way is to create accounts with virgin 4g mobile proxies preferably through a clean phone but if not through browser with lots of extensions to hide footprints.


Instagram assigns accounts to cell towers https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cell_site

If you create 10,000 accounts in a day with a 4G proxy, they will all be shutdown as they come from the same cell tower.

haven’t tested with them

i created thousands of good quality accounts(child accounts) manually and all of them are still alive to this day, i use a secret method using dedicated proxies and chromes profiles for each and some proxy extensions, and manual warm up after creaction and my success rate is 90% plus and currently making 200 accounts for a client this month and all is going well, i always choose creative usernames composed of two words separated by a dot name.name, not spammy ones and always create first with fake email then right after the account is created i ev with real email, so i can say today 21/08/2019 i still have the same high success rate that i had 3 years ago, it’s all about the proxy and clear device or agent and the usernames that you choose :wink:


I’ve removed this function recently as some of the people using my bot have said that you will be asked to EV with the fake email, so careful with this. If you want to drop me Telegram/Skype, we can help each other :slight_smile:

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Hey man,

i said right after i create the account with fake email i replace it with real pre made
email (I use outlook emails) and ev the fresh Instagram account, so i never have this problem you are talking about. And all is done manually and take time but good things don’t come easy, you want the best you have do it the right way :wink: also i see that you provide a bot that create accounts, hmm no offense but bot created accounts never last, Instagram can always detect them maybe flag them right after creation especially with people using usernames like “ududjdudjrj” because they are lazy , maybe could be used for cpa as kamikaze accounts for little time but are not made for long term use for sure.

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Even after verifying it, some of my friends still have this issue.

They create with fake email domain, replace to real email domain, then old email domain stays. It’s not EV, but when you login its a new challenge that’s appeared this month. It asks you to confirm email with email you used for creation.

Some of my accounts with low activity have lasted months so this is not the case.

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Once you add the real new email to replace the fake one and email verify you Instagram account, all future email verifications will go to the new real email. The only reason for an instagram account to send verification to old email and not new email is because people add new email and save and leave thinking that’s it while that’s only 50% of the job, and that’s not “email verification”, email verification is when you add new email to the Instagram account save and then click open the link that Instagram send you to the new email which lead you to Instagram and you see that text where it says verification is done, its easy to do this when each account is created and logged in on a specific chrome profile a with specific proxy, but you already know this info ofc, i just did this too many times to be 100% sure of what I’m telling you right now.

Is it possible to create IG accounts using Bluestack and BStweaker nowadays?

Nope, it’s being recognized immediately

I am here reading this because I actually face the same issue with my own script that creates accounts and publishes photos using the selenium mobile emulation. As you mentioned, I have too made sure that I hide all my finger prints, randomise intervals, slow down typing, change few hex values in chromedriver, use extensions, use legit emails, create directly from a dongle (have tested both with 3G and 4G and realised that with every restart request on 3G I get a new IP compared to 4G where no matter what it releases a new IP after 15 minutes timeframe with the provider I have) and still the success rate is not as it used to be before. I did an experiment and recorded all IPs and realised that as you mentioned again, because it is the same cell tower and provider, the network(N) part of the IPs never change (N.N.H.H) and only the host(H) part changes which is super easy to identify by Instagram.

The part about API account creation sounds great but I have no knowledge in that field and cannot comment on that.

The game for sure has got harder, including both account creation and day to day automation. I will be looking into more solutions to overcome these issues and will share if I find anything that is of use.

Thank you for making this post and sharing your opinion.