Let's talk about something positive!


Mods, if this is supposed to be in another forum, let me know!

What awesome content have you guys been pushing?

With all this mess going on with insta, let’s keep our minds on moving forward! And we are all here as content curators and creators!

For me, I took some awesome photos this weekend with some friends for a fashion show. I can attach some pics if you guys are interested in seeing.

With that being said, what content are you working on?


Hmmm. Positive… weather is nice. I like summer.


Something positive, it’s Friday tomorrow and the holidays are coming.


my pizza was to long in the oven, fuck this day :smiley:


I’m going to travel to 11 destinations (5 counties) this month.


I’m eating Haageen- Dazs Icecream - Peanut butter crunch with caramelised peanuts, chocolate and caramel sauce… with a warm stroopwafel
For 5 minutes everything is drifting away.


I went to the gym and it feels great!
Recommend it :muscle:


There we go! I just got done finishing hilarious stories of young drunk adventures with coworkers. :grinning:


That is super awesome, congrats and have fun!


writing an ebook


I’m looking for sources to find content for my page. It hits explore a lot and content is made by myself


Here you go :wink:

EDIT: Wrong link


something positive right…
Not too hot in my place and the speed of the internet is good. :slight_smile:


Had a good night’s sleep yesterday! :slight_smile:


I’m trying to give up on smoking both weed and tobacco.

Currently at day 6 without both.

I already see a major difference when i wake up in the morning.


Wow I’ve actually been doing the same recently. I keep having trouble with the weed though, the tobacco I have been able to quit, been about 3 weeks.

The fkn ganja tho man…


That’s whats up!!


I find it easier to stay without smoking weed than to stay without ciggarettes.

But overall, I really feel good and I’m happy that I don’t have problems trying to give up for the 4th time in 3 years.


The positive thing is understanding that this isn’t the end of the world and I have a life outside of IG that keeps me afloat


Most of my clients have been pretty understanding, that’s pretty cool, goes to show would good client success can do for a biz