Let's talk Instagram monetization options

There are different strategies you can utilize when it comes to Instagram monetization.
Here is a list of ideas you can use to start making money with Instagram

  1. Selling Products: You can create a Shopify store and utilize drop shipping print on demand services to create products with your logo and promote your products to your followers, but only if your engagement rate is high and your followers trust you, you can also write an ebook offer digital products, online courses, etc.
  1. Affiliate Marketing: You can use affiliate marketing to promote his cost products in your niche both digital and physical products.
    When it comes to ebooks and digital products. you can expect a revenue share from 50% up to 70% and physical products normal revenue expected 5% up to 15% because of the shipping fee.
  1. Work With Brands: Brands are sent you free products and even cash if your page is big enough in return for a promotion either in your story on your wall
  1. Selling shoutouts: If your account is big enough and your engagement rate is high.
    You can offer shout outs to other accounts in your niche, It means mention someone else either on your wall or in Instagram story Example - Go Follow @… For… Depending on your how big your account is you can get anywhere from $10 up to $1000+ for a post
  1. Grow & Sell Niche Accounts: This takes times but if you know how to do it is worth the time, you can grow niche accounts up to a few thousand followers and sell the account on socialtraida, Depending on niche size and engagement you can charge from $90 for $2-3 k accounts and all the way up to $50k +
  1. Account Management: This can be very profitable and there is a huge market because most businesses don’t have the time and skills to grow and manage their Instagram account nowadays If you know how to grow and manage Instagram accounts. You can become an account manager. Depending on your skills you can charge from a couple $100 up to $1000+

Are you monetizing your Instagram? If " YES" what of the options listed above are you utilizing?


I’m effectively advertising for hotels - give them a post of what I think the best selling point of the hotel is that will sway my followers to want to stay there, in return for a couple of nights complimentary stay.

Makes travelling in luxury much more affordable :slight_smile:

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How big is your audience on Instagram and do you get completely free stays with your strat?

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Would also add CPA marketing where you get paid by each click you send to their website or email registered.

I guess goes together with affiliate marketing but can sometimes be easier to make your first dollars. (Or if you have adult niche accounts)

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