Level 2+ and Above | ATTENTION ADMINS

Hey admins, I’m Kelby Dishman, social media manager for instagram.com/johnnydangandco / youtube.com/johnnydangandco -

Would love the opportunity to join level 2 and above and have decided to make this one of my goals. Can someone give me a rough outline aside from posting daily and being active?

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You need to give to each LVL2 member and above one of those diamond rings, it’s the only way bro.

Or make some good posts about your knowledge on Instagram and I’m sure admins will notice you and even give you the opportunity.
That way, if you give some great tips to the community admins may thank you by giving you access to more threads on this forum


oh ok very cool. fair enough. any other answers out here?

Search the forum for the answer. The question is asked probably every few days. You have to contribute to get LVL 2.

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