LF> recommended proxies for IG (only 4 actions/day)


as the title says, I need a recommendation for proxies that fit my IG accounts.

I do not run any follow/unfollow actions, all i do is just repost 3-5 times/day (<250 API Calls/day) , so i feel that getting a 4G proxy isn’t worth the investment at the moment as i do not have that many accounts. (which brings me to one of my questions, if i were to buy a 4G proxy, how many accounts can I connect to it (just reposts))

I currently use social media proxies by high proxies which work fine for me, except for the fact that they require ip authentication (username:pass causes issues), so I’d need to update my proxies every few days.

so my main question is, what type of proxies fit my accounts best (other than 4G), how many accounts can i add per proxy, what is the best recommended supplier for those proxies.

apologies for the many questions, any help would be appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

Have a look at the #public-marketplace
You will have to try which work best for your setup (accounts, settings)

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Perphaps a residential proxy would be good for you.
You can get something around 3$/GB I believe. Although Idk how much mb a repost would consume.

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sadly, i’m looking for proxies with a location in my country, but all i could find were 4G ones, except for the ones from highproxies, which are labelled as social media proxies, comforting but still, I don’t really know how safe are they and what are the max limits… as i currently run 2 accounts per proxy at 250 API Calls/day per account.

All proxies from highproxies are Datacenter ones. Mobile/4G ones are preferred for most scenarios.

What country is that?

the private proxies are Datacenter ones too?
If it comes up to 4G i might end up buying RSPI and setting them up on my own.
I just need to verify the number of accounts i can add per 1 4G proxy, with the note that i only use 250 API Calls per account

the country of the proxies i need is Israel

up to 5 is considered safe for important accounts, but you could try more if you rotate it throughout the day and have accounts do stuff in shifts. There are some very cheap datacenter/shared 4g proxies options. But if the location is the issue, take a look at something like Illuminati. They’re very expensive if you use it a lot, but they charge like 2.5$ per GB, which could last you a long time potentially if you only do 3-4 reposts per day and nothing else. Idk about API but EB doesn’t load pictures on IG so the data they use is pretty low I think.

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All Highproxies proxies are Datacenter

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I will look into that, but i guess i will end up making my own proxies once i get a chance.

Up to 5 accounts sounds a bit risky isn’t it? I’ve done 3 and was scared, yet no issues at all since all account are old.

All the accounts i run are at leaat 6 months old and have 30k+ followers, i purchase accounts rather than build from 0. And grow them organically from there.

RIP, I guess i will start by purchasing a RSPI now.
Better safe than sorry

Go to packetstream.com and buy residential proxies there. $1/GB and they’re available in Israel. Should be more than enough for your plan imho.

You can also ask them for a $1 trial.


long term your own rpi + mobile plan setup is the best. honestly, I know people run 5 accounts with following/unfollowing/liking so if you just repost I don’t think there’s gonna be any issues. But it’s also true if you really care don’t push it. It just depends on how much you can spend in the end. Important client accounts - I put 1:1 on raw proxy I create and would never do anything else.

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