Like Blocked without any reason/cause?

Hello! I have been trying to grow my accounts at 20 Following per day limit.

I have not even liked once from the account. And it’s happening with almost all the accounts.

I bought the account on 25th March.

25th March: I tried to like the posts of followers of source. But it wasn’t able to do so.

I took a break of 3 days.

29th Match: I tried again to like the post of the followers of the source. But I’m still not able to like.

What could be the cause of it?

I’m able to follow/unfollow correctly. Haven’t tested comments feature.


If your using Jarvee like blocks are common, I have a few accounts that I can like with but most get blocked. Just turn off the like feature and go about your life :slight_smile:

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I have not even liked once from the accounts. This makes no sense to me that why am I getting like blocks when I’ve not even liked a single post since I bought the account.

It will never make sense could be 1 of many reasons…

How is it possible to be the same situation with almost all the accounts I have bought?

If you could give some explanation?

And, Don’t you use Likes yourself to make your account look more human?

I use story viewer and comment likes but don’t really think either are necessary. Like comments probably help with engagement a bit.

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blocking likes maybe make sense. Stay manual for a month and try like other accounts/posts, like human.

I wrote a article, maybe it’s useful, but need to be translated.

Okay. So are you suggesting to stop all the sort of automation including follow/unfollow?

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I’m using likes to like the post of the followers of the source.

It’s not like after follow I believe.

What other automation do you suggest to make account look more human rather than just follow/unfollow?

And, Do you like the comments on the source’s post or your own?

I suggest to stop all automated, remove apps from IG and go manual for a less 15 days.

It’s aways works.

Also, suggest this article. Think as a new account and respect limits for new account, increasing as article says. As you mention, you bought this account and you don’t know IG internal stats about that.

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I’m following 20 people a day (article recommends 50-80).

I’m doing the warmup under any other guru/thread/pro suggests. Like Block is certainly not because of my warmup because when I bought the account, like are blocked since then only.

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If you are getting like/follow blocked right at the start after 1 follow its either your proxies or accounts. Most likely your account quality.

For a test create a good account on your phone and on 4G through the IG app set it all up and then add it to that proxy and see if you can like/follow without blocks. Then youll have your answer :slight_smile:

Liking is so difficult these days I just dont bother with it. I turn liking off.

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Yeah! I’ll test tomorrow and see.

What activity you do on your account apart from follow/unfollow?

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I use the “Story Viewer” to make the account seem more “real”

Not actually sure if it helps or not but I keep it on anyways. Was thinking about using the “Like Comments” module too for this same reason but never tried it yet.

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Are you on Jarvee or GMT2?

Jarvee :desktop_computer:

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I just dont use the Like Tool so far. But it really depends on the proxies as I heard. If you want to use the Like Feature then give the 4G mobile proxies a try! :slight_smile:

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