Like chain. Join the chain


Since i only need to spend and receive likes to reach level 2 and i see that there is no rule against this kind of thread:

Lets make a like chain. Like every post and receive likes from other people doing the same.

It could feel bad for other people, but i have more than 150 posts in this platform and just 100 likes received, people dont give a fuck about likes and i feel displaced and other people are in my same position. No one giving likes and everyone wanting to reach lvl2 for marketplace etc…


How about trying to post something valuable and give people a reason to like it?


This is absolutely comical. I vote we ban…


@Adnan it sounds like we need to establish one of these

I am feeling some judgment here brother @thekingwillwhip



or we could send one of these



Here are some new badges and achievement levels we should add



I have seen posts of more than 2000 words that receive 4 likes, and also there are not a lot of topics uncovered in the forum. I would have to repeat others threads to reach that amount of likes.
@thekingwillwhip why would they ban me? If they are disappointed about this they could just update the rules and close this thread.


Or you could earn it like everyone else instead of whining for the easy way out. Did everyone else in level 2 magically appear there?



I was already in the level 2 section a year ago. They had an easier starting point. You can make once a guide of hashtags, sources filtering, etc. But at this point there are not a lot of topics that give a lot of likes, and making replies never give likes unless you are spoonfeeding like crap.
Instead of coming here that agro like i have killed someone, you could just give ideas or something useful. :smiley:


Sorry I should have been less “agro” - my advice is to make topics and replies that deserve likes and you’ll gain access to level 2.


Honestly i dont mind. But its funny that someone that is laughing about millenials has more childish attitude than a proper millenial :slight_smile:


I pretty much always get a few likes for my replies. To be 100% honest, I don’t recognize you at all, and I’m sure many others would agree. If you deserved level 2, you’d be there. You’ve been a member here longer yet have made half my posts. I’m friends with a few people here off of the forum, and we talk on IG and in DMs, etc. Make friends, post more, you’ll get there.


I was going to say I didn’t recognize him/her either