Like/ Comment action Limits


I know they aren’t getting deleted because I can see the comment replies when I log in and check via notifications via mobile.

But what do you mean by shadowbanned comments?

I use 4g proxies.

Shadowban as in if your look the comments up that some account has made althoug Jarvee shows it’s posted it doesnt appear on the account under the photo

Oh I have never experienced that! I check them manually on my phone and I can see they come up. After all my accounts got api and action blocked a few weeks ago (all DC), I deleted all accounts and reinstalled Jarvee (after 10 days) and started adding them back in one a day on 4g proxies. Slowly increasing and so far so good. All using random night mode.

No blocks so far,
I am going to see how high I can get them. O

hmmm just wondering then why they dont show up on the profile. I mean if shadowban is a myth then something else is happening

Great strategy @indhi ,

I’m pretty amazed that you were going so high on comments. It’s nice to know that’s possible.

Regarding your nightmodes, you could always try using intervals inside of Jarvee with randomized times each day to help create a more human-looking-automation :slight_smile: Just a thought.


@Aaron_Ward You feel like Jarvee is actually randomizing properly? If i set max actions each day between 14 and 27 I often notice it’s turning yellow at 14 with a lot of accounts.Daily limit reached. So i wouldnt consider it properly randomized…

As for comments. They used to show up without issue on DC’s and was doing it super succesful growing a follower per minute with it to my main. Now they appear not posted when i check out the profile and comment with my main. Not sure why that is if shadowban is a myth

I would say “it tries it’s best”. Something to keep in mind is having a large enough range for it to work. In addition, I imagine it tries to do as many actions as possible so you get the best results. I hope this isn’t the case as it removes the random aspect. I’m not a developer of the software so I’m not 100% sure on how it functions.

You can see one profile here, it’s set to do 100-300 follows a day (it wouldn’t ever get near the 300 due to other filters and delays I have set up)…but it is pretty random of the number of follows each day:


@Aaron_Ward My randomization almost seems to be put in place cause of its blocks :sweat_smile: That’s another way to get your actions randomized haha.

Are you doing comments by any chance? Would love to implement it again for ecomm since i have 5x the childs and already earned 1 follower per minute to the main with it back in the day. If you do the maths … :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the input!

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Were you able to comment with your accounts on DC’s?

I tried it with a few but nothing succesfully since the blockwaves

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Thanks Aaron- I’m already all over it :+1:t3: that’s how I have been running my night mode… I think the intervals make a huge difference. I also throw in a few 15-60 minute breaks throughout the day too. Just trying to make all my actions look as random and “authentic” as possible!

So far so good :crossed_fingers:t3:

The likes on the other hand seem to be harder for me! I keep getting more like action blocks than comments- which is funny because I would have imagined Insta being more liberal with the likes than comments :woman_shrugging:t3:

In case anyone is wondering, I managed to get 2 accounts running 300-400 likes a day (one on DC and one on 4g), the one on DC just got an action block after 10 days at running like this, the 4g one is still going at this point. I’m not going to increase it any higher, going to see if it will last another week first.


I’ve been running 4 accounts on DC with 100-150 comments a day. No issues … yet


I’m not currently doing any comments, I’m always on edge that they will come off as spammy. I can see how they’re powerful if done correctly, I guess it’s just not being lazy and writing out good spintax comments with the right sources/targeting.

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