Like/ Comment action Limits

I do not and have never used the follow unfollow tool as my clients are less about growing their following and more about establishing and maintaining customer relationships and increasing website traffic via Insta.

I use only the like/ comment/ story viewer tools. Every account got blocked a couple of weeks ago (1000 likes a day/ 200-300 comments a day- the settings I had been using for over 12 months no issues). I have however had success with the blocks using all the tips in the threads (proxy changes, using EB when blocked, resetting etc etc),

I am just curious if anyone has discovered new limits for like and comment. I am playing extra safe right now (50-150 comments a day and same for likes), all running well but I dont want to push it too much higher just yet as I lost 5 clients last week after they experienced a temporary block, it scared them off automation, so I dont want to risk my other clients accounts also.

is the 6000 limit on ALL ACCUMULATED actions or just follow?

Would love to know people’s recent experience with the like comment tools post instas limit update.


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every account and ip has different limits from what i see these days. you should play with your limits but 5500-6000 follows/month is for sure.

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The 6000 limit is only for follow, that’s why people follow 160-190/day and also Like/DM/Comment etc.

Start from a safe spot regarding how many you like/day and grow slow and steady, also make sure the other variables are in place, how many likes/hour, intervals and so on.


150 comments a day sounds risky.

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When last were you able to execute 150 comments in a day from a single account?

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Yes I read this- a good bench mark :+1: just curious how everyone else is going with their limits to se show consistent those numbers are. So far I am finding pretty similar.

I haven’t gone over 150 yet- only 100-150.I am executing safely under 150 comments a day. I have two accounts doing 300-400 likes a day though, but those two accounts aren’t doing any other actions, exclusively likes. I guess I will slowly increase with one of my accounts and see how high I can get then keep the others below that.

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That’s impressive. How many days in a row have you been able to safely execute that and how many variations does your spintax have?

In addition to this, does anyone have a suggestion on what liking comments settings should be?

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I’d be happy if I can maintain 100-130 a day at this stage. Would really like to get those likes up though!

I have my accounts set to like 1-3 comments for every post I comment/ like on. Not sure how effective this is just yet as I only started doing it this week.

2 weeks now. 10 days on FL and then 4 days on JVE. Spintax variation is 40-60. Intervals roughly 2-7 minutes between each action. Also have thrown in a few short sleep intervals as well as night mode. So far so good. I’ll see if I can get higher on one account to see how much further I can get it.

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Well done. How many characters per comment, and how many emojis are you using? I don’t personally do commenting, but I’m curious.

I only target comments through photos which have ‘tagged’ relevant brands to my niche in their photo, this helps me guarantee that my comments will have a high chance to be relevant and fitting to the content of the photo. Based on replies to my automated comments, I’d say this method has at LEAST a 90% success rate at looking authentic and genuine.

I use 1-3 words, half with emojis and a couple only emoji


Genius. That’s a very well thought out strategy. I’m impressed! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks! I find it gets great results, particularly in gaining relevant, quality and engaged followers which is what my clients are after - quality over quantity.

Getting automated comments to look as genuine and authentic as possible has been a lot of trial and error.

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Nice strategy :+1:


I needa implement this , well done :+1:t2:

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Are your comments not getting shadowbanned at all?

Alo are your accounts on mobile or DC?

My comments work for a while until i noticed they somehow get shadowbanned (or they get deleted) but i’m leaning more towards shadowban. I used to do it back in the day succesfully without issue until IG got tighter.

More than happy to find a way to do it again