Like Exchange 2021 - Does it still work?

Been looking around and couldn’t find any post that was less than half a year old covering the like exchange.

I’ve tried to use it a handful of times to boost a post or two in the last month. Each time I would try - my results were non-existent.

I would add 3-5 legit accounts to feed likes, now the minimum is 5 likes per session and a minimum of 50 a day. Which is quite a lot if you would want to boost a post or two on occasion. I would feed on all those accounts I add but I would receive like 1-2 likes every 5-15 sessions. Some posts I’ve left on for days and would get maybe 5 likes in total until it just stays in there without getting anything.

So am I doing something wrong here or it could only work with the premium license?

Everything I’ve heard it and see from my own testing there isn’t enough likes to go around so no matter what you do, the premium members will scoop up all the likes and you typically will get nothing returned unless you’re a premium member as well.

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This is actually something that frustrated me quite a bit. So I decided to build my own solution for it. Next month, I’ll be launching a service that allows users to automatically like each other’s posts (similar to Telegram engagement groups but without the manual labor).

I’m hoping that it will actually deliver likes fairly and easily without having to twist any knobs :wink:


I suspected that might be the case, thanks for confirming

This is cool, as long as you’ll be able to make it happen while maintaining the integrity of the participating accounts - like not needing to share passwords with you etc. Then it could be great.

I’m probably not your target audience since I only want to do an odd post here or there but having an option for that which actually works would be great. I don’t mind participating with real legit accounts of which I have quite a few as long as I can get something back in return.

It does suck feeding hundreds of likes from solid accounts and getting like 0.1% return xD

the Like Exchange is working but you will get good results when using the premium version, the users that have the premium license have priority over the normal ones

I tested for a week using 1000+ accounts and built up a ton of like credits…not a single one of my posts ever got a like during that time (was not using the premium version). I understand the need for the premium version…at least in terms of making more money but the LE has been very much a ghost town since 2019…I’d love to see some administrative changes to breathe life into it again…I already pay for 5 max licenses…to then pay another $150/mo just to get my share of likes despite providing a ton of contribution to the platform during that time just seems silly to me. I’m sure others feel the same

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Yeah, but I think that we shouldn’t forget what’s the real cause of this problem - IG’s restrictions. Countless times I’ve been adding many accounts to give my contribution to the community and give likes with my accounts, but as soon as I try giving more likes, I’ve got issues with blocks etc. It works well with low numbers but in that case I would be giving 1-2 likes per session and that’s not enough of course.

While I disagree on only being able to do 1-2 per session but that’s based on your own setup …but it is plausible to correct that as well by restricting how many likes in a session a person can receive based on how many they delivered or are expected to deliver based on their active accounts. Right now it just limits how many simultaneous posts that can receive likes but the # of likes to be received is not restricted

For example I could have one account send out 5 likes but have a single post set to receive 500 or 1000 likes if I have the credits for it (unless they changed something since I last checked).

Removing premium members getting all the likes first I think needs to be adjusted…or only allow one post of their per session to get priority likes. The biggest issue is lack of participants…that was what killed the exchange before in 2019 when everyone’s accounts got destroyed but since there’s now too much demand and not enough supply only premium members benefit which will remove any incentive for standard members to use it which only serves to keep supply suppressed.

Maybe make standard members not get 1:1 credits on their likes as well, something like a 1:2 or 1:3 forcing them to supply more than they receive which in addition offers value to the premium membership without completely strangling performance for standard members.

Unfortunately, sharing the passwords is a necessary evil. I’ve built the system so that I can only ask for the password once, get the needed cookies from instagram, and then discard the password. I don’t like the idea of keeping anyone’s password on hand.

It’s a monthly subscription and the user gets as many likes as there are accounts in the group. If there are 500 members, then you will get 500 likes on every new post, guaranteed. Entering my beta in the next few weeks, so feel free to message me if you’d like to learn more :raised_hands:

What sort of pricing will this have ?

I’m charging $19 per month for every account that gives/receives likes in each engagement pod. Additionally, I’m charging $150 per month for accounts that receive likes without having to provide them (for agencies that don’t want to give away their client’s Instagram credentials)

For the short answer…
LE works fine and delivers what we ask it to deliver.

that’s the premium right?

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Yes, that’s correct. Works like a charm…

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One $30 premium subscription will cover all of your 5 licenses so it’s a pretty good deal. I don’t of know any other service that can offer the same.

It has its ups and downs but it’s been working well recently.

oh 1 sub covers all mp instances? Whilst I would still prefer an implementation like Tacos suggested this does make some sense then and could be useful.