Like Exchange include a % of views and likes

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**Important Question **

I am talking to support about improving the algorithm of the Like Exchange by hardcoding a percentage of story views and saves which are relative to the likes. So for instance if you tick the boxes of watch story after like and save post after like then these 2 functions will save 20-30% of the likes. Customers don’t want 300 likes and 300 saves, they want 300 likes and 50 saves, and 150 story views for instance.

For this to change there needs to be community support, because we can not specify the percentage, we must agree it. So here is a questionnaire.

Like Exchange % of Views and Likes
  • No Don’t Change it.
  • Yes 20% of the likes should be View Stories & Saves
  • Yes 30% of the likes should be View Stories & Saves.
  • Yes 20% should be saves and 50% views of stories.
  • A different number not suggested here.

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Actually it would make in total for me more sense to have three different tools - like exchange - save exchange - storyview exchange.

Than you customize everything for each customer - And If an account is like blocked itt could still give saves and story views in the other tool


I agree with @Hank999.
It would also give us the option to deliver story views and/or saves only. And these two tools would have significantly more active seed accounts since there are no blocks for story viewing or saving

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Yeah and SAVES are pushing posts more than likes in fact

My likes on Jarvee like exchange no longer go. Anyone know how I can fix this?

separate tools for each would be the most ideal. full customization and work around blocks like hank said.


I’ll speak to Daniel not sure if that is something they had expected. But no hurt in asking

I can help, I will pm you

Thank you very much Lucas

Agree with hanks. A seperate turn on/off button would be ideal rather than a certain percentage. This will make life easier and give more flexibility.

Would be easier to narrow if an issue persist