Like Exchange problems

Anyone having issues with Like Exchange right now? Mine has a backlog of 5 days in some cases.

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The like exchange has been broken for a while now. Similar to sites like Fuelgram etc. Can’t see it coming back for a while to be honest.

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It’s not fully functional right now give it some time

yes its not fully functional from a while now

It’s kinda of working just oddly inconsistent. I can tell you I’m definitely providing a lot of likes that’s for sure.

Your posts will need 5-10x the amount of rounds to get the same amount likes.

I wasn’t a big doom and gloom person before but I’m really starting to think Jarvee is done for.

It’s just a matter of seeding accounts getting like blocked - thus creating a shortage.

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I pay extra and I get 000000000.

For me works ok

Points balance getting wrecked.

The 29.99 premium plan? If so you deserve a refund lol


resurrecting this post.

I am encountering a overdelivery problem.
Am I the only one?
post will never expire and they will keep delivering. they count 100 likes delivered while it has already delivered 1000!!

this is a completely mess, I have to check each post everytime and do it all manually.
Also, it’s been a week from this problem and because posts are accumulating LE is becoming slower.
Support knows already about it, anyone else?

I think you should contact their support because that is something really strange.

I understand that you are using the LE too?

I have a problem getting enough likes. Posts that are configured to receive 100-200 likes often get 60-70 max in 5-6 sessions.

But now I understand. All likes are going to your posts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Now talking with support about this.

What is the typical number of likes you can receive max in a normal situation? What number of likes can you promise to deliver to clients?

Mine has been bust for a while now. Just about all my seed accounts keep getting blocked.

Mobile rotating proxies (5 min) with good accounts work ok. Sometimes I see a block, but not often.

What is the typical number of likes you can receive max in a normal situation? What number of likes can you promise to deliver to clients?

I didn’t think of mobile rotating. Do you have specific account set up that are purely dedicated to delivering likes likes on LE?

The Max I was receiving was about 50 to be honest.
I was offering clients 100-200, but then saw a massive drop months ago and after not being able to do anything about it, I gave up.
Edit: I have up on offering likes in particular, that is.

I have accounts that only make likes, although that was not really planned.

The strange thing I saw is that some accounts work fine, and have no blocks at all, while other accounts were having problems. Accounts from the same batch and with almost the same history. Except that the acocunts that were having problems were offline for some months prior to putting them in the LE. So I replaced them.

Same story with me. I ended up using some accounts purely for likes that weren’t originally planned to do so. Kept getting like blocks on dc proxies, then tried mobile and had the same issues.

And your issue about some accs working and others not, that’s what’s perplexed me too. I had about 5 accs that delivered like consistently, every day, no blocks. But I’ve now removed every single account. Everything.

There’s no pattern that’s I can detect. None.