Like exchange tool suspendet


Hey guys, how do you use the like exchange tool with the numbers? every day my accounts get suspendet, i use 400 likes per account with 15 likes per session and have a nightmode from 11:30 pm to 7:30 am, is this because my bad proxies? when i change to 100 per day they still got suspendet and get a like block


I really dont know what your intentions are but if you want to grow healthy instagram accounts I would not suggest using the like exchange tool at all. How much likes you can do depends mainly on your account, your proxy and the amount of other actions you automate. But getting like blocks is definitely a sign that you are doing too many likes for your setup.


Like tool is good to give it initial boost in my experience, then let it run.

But yea, I’m struggling to give out likes too.


I think there are much better ways to use the actions than putting 400 likes in that tool. Also the likes you get out of it are not really worth that much. But maybe thats just my impression. I did not use it a lot just tested it.


I don’t give out likes using client/important accounts. I use dummy accounts. They are active and look real (reposting daily plus very personalised) but not actually accounts that I care.

So I feed using dummy accounts and receive with clients.

P.s. if you will use dummy accounts, make sure it looks authentic and is very active - good name, profile picture, niche, nice posts. Mp is very smart and will not allow you to give out likes from bad accounts.


Will try that @BruceSilduk thx for the tip. but first of all I have to create more Accounts “i care about”. I guess you have a lot of accounts already?


I bought some ages ago. Had many issues but managed to get it up and running. If you want accounts, I would say create yourself - use search, there’s a great guide out there. Or buy from trusted sources. We have some good sellers on marketplace.

Then use Jarvee repost from some account that you like and pretend to be that person. Easy


thats what i do but I have just 40 because it takes so much time. But at least they survive now thx to this forum :wink:


I only boost posts like 30 likes max, post 5min before like exchange starts. It helps, at least for me.


So you are using it like “powerlikes” and for initial engagement. I understand.


Have you tried using dummies as childs instead of for powerlikes? I mean those “dummies” have to be pretty strong if you can use them for liking haha…


I assume a good amount of highly relevant “quality childs” in the same niche would be awesome to have for powerliking.


Yeah probably, but depending on the main account powerlikes are not always usefull, your content has to have big “viral” potential, otherwise powerlikes are useless… I think for targetted growth using them as childs with regular mother/child method is better…
But again, depends on many factors…