Like Exchange Users Group

Starting a users group to discuss issues, suggestions and improvements.

Starting out requirements to participate on the exchange accounts must have

  • 1 Post & Profile Pic
  • 13 Characters in BIO

We’re trying to improve the quality of the accounts, so it’s better if you have the following

  • 100+ Followers
  • 9 unique posts from quality accounts, profile pic
  • 13 Characters in BIO (BIO is a quality BIO, not another bacon lover)
  • Real First & Last Name
  • Following at least 20-30 accounts

One thing I learnt today is you can add many accounts as seeds by adding them as scraper accounts, greatly reducing the cost of licensing.

EDIT: Requires professional licence (70 accounts) as a min


Inviting @HenryCooper @DanielAdmin @theotherdave @Jaha @Hank9991 @Race44 @Adi_Ankonina

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That’s great, I didn’t know scrapers don’t count towards your quota or even scrapers can be used in the LE. I’m sure this will encourage people to add more

It would be useful if there was a way to import Scraper Accounts from binary files. I have a bunch exported in “cold storage” when reducing my licenses last year. As far as I know, to import Scraper Accounts you need to import a CSV of login details or one by one

Edit: This would also give us an opportunity to check, grow and improve seed accounts to meet requirements of the LE then easily export/import them as binary files to a server of choice without losing cookies, device ID, proxy, and other information.

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Agree, @HenryCooper this is a great suggestion, enabling us to import seed accounts is helpful to import beyond the 70 accounts per server, were already working to add 2500 more accounts.

BUT, can we have an option import binary files as scrapers. Also can we have an option to see the synced values so we know if a scraper has 10,20,500 followers and fits the criteria (right now you have to do 1 by 1 once they go invalid on the exchange as it just says 0 posts ,0 followers, 0 followings) (I requested via support and was told it was not neeeded)

Thanks for making that group!

I am handling manly client accounts - and since the new rules of min 5 posts an our and 50 per pay i can’t put client profiles anymore to like exchange. It is just way to difficult to set up the client accounts in multiple hourly shifts so that they only 5 likes a day in total. ( Keep in mind the these customer accounts are changing daily - some are canceling - some are booking new etc…)
you can use client accounts here but only with a small amount of likes a day - 5 not targeted likes a day - the customer won’t notice at all - 50 and they will go crazy.

Yes 5 likes a day is not much - but for example here on my end i am running over 2,5k client accounts and 2,5k accounts x 5 likes a day is a lot. AND even more you can’t get better likes than from real human accounts…

the auto sync for scraper was disabled due to the fact that if you have 2-3k Scraper on a Server J/MP needs up to an hour to start just cause of syncing the scrapers - or even while running, the auto sync of scrapers was eating a lot of VPS recources

My understanding is these accounts still sync, they just do it on their own over the first hour. I will check with support, because the scrapers still participate after 1hr, so it must sync.

In regards to the 50 per day rule, this should be changed, but what to?. The point is to prevent people with 20,000 balance getting likes without receiving (like the 1:3 ratio of seeders to posts) without having 1 like per session and receiving 50 likes a post. (some users like myself have LE accounts with 500,000 credits) (We could have a max points balance)

What can we suggest to support to alleviate the miss-use that disables the exchange?

Does anyone notice the same that despite the number of seeds, the “number of posts to receive likes” is always 10-12 per server, regardless of the number of posts in the queue (this case 16)?

I am not sure what do you mean. That’s your number of posts that are receiving likes in that particular LE session.

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I honestly couldn’t understand what is the issue, but if you notice that there is something wrong there you should contact their support and explain the exact issue.

Sorry guys if that didnt make sense, it’s basically the 3:1 ratio of posts to seeds, I see that even if I have 50 seeds, I only have 10 posts receiving likes instead of the 16 in queue. I have sent to support for review, but basically this is a change to the function of the exchange rather than a technical BUG issue.