Like settings for Jarvee without using the follow option


is anyone here using Jarvee only to like and comment but not to follow?
Which settings are you using?

Thanks a lot!

Yes :slight_smile: I’m using only:
Regards <3

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Hi, do you have any special setting to not getting your account banned? I am new and I dont want to fuck it up!
Thanks a lot!

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I am sending max. 50 messages per day.
It comments max. 70 comments per day
I like maximanie 100-150 posts per day.
It’s supposed to be just an add-on, I do not want to overdo it :slight_smile:
I have fun accounts, but I will not give limits because I will block my account right away, D


@Arthuditu this is great! thank you very much!

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Care to share your settings for your spintax config?

Yes, that would be helpful. I am just begginer so I dont want to ruin everything haha

Thanks bro for the limits! Is it via API or EB?

80% API
20% EB

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how to setting 80%API 20%EB

I am sorry,I am new…

I have not used follow 3 weeks, so I’m not able to say how it is now.
Previously, everything was ok.


The fact is that Meta has 9 types of bans for Instagram. 8 bans can be unlocked without a problem, but the 9th type of ban is given just for liking, it is practically impossible to unlock it or the price for unlocking can start from $ 500, I do not recommend abusing this.
I don’t use at all.

It’s better not to use likes, but comments are no problem, but you need to test the limits :smiley: