Like tool results are good but i want to improve it

i get good results with it and i don’t use follow tool for now i just want to see result with likes only , but like 80% of those who engage like back or comment but don’t follow somehow and i dont know how to make them not only engage with post but also follow do i just make a call to action on my bio ?

Imagine you see someone liking your posts - you’d probably also just like back because you want to give something back which is equal to what you’ve got.

With that logik a follow is more valuable and its more likely for someone to follow back too. So you have to give value first to make people give something back to you. For some people a follow is enough value, others need extraordinary content, others want to win something etc. You can also try to DM likers.

A call to action can help, but the main issue is the value you give someone.

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thing is i don’t know how to automatically do it , i will need to always scrape them andsendthem on dm tool

Yes you can directly scrape them from your posts or you can do “after like actions” in like tool to send a specific percentage to your contact tool.

I think you’d have to scrape in any way.

Yeah, the same thing crossed my mind. :slight_smile:

I love this great analogy! Very right-fitting for growing accounts.


That’s so true, you can’t expect to get something you are not willing to give back.

i mean sure but thing is i tried manually with similar source and got 5 times better result , don’t know why