Liking profiles hidden

Now a thing is that one by choice can hide the count of likes for each post.

But I just realised that the platform after a recent update only shows the last 100 profiles/ people who has liked a post. Now even if a post has 40.000 likes only the last 100 profiles show when looking into the liking list.
This is new and recently happened in my region. Don’t know if you guys have realised this or this has already been released in your region?

Did not know normally always was showing 1000 of all 40.000 i went to the app and check now it’s showing only 100 so you are right.
They smart now you can’t scrape all the people that were recent online and liked the pictures. :laughing:

Yes that mean less ppl. to scrape there now.

Not an issue in my region. You mind if I ask where you’re based?

Okay, I’m back to say that this is very much the case now in Russia, can only see 100 users on each post.

Yes. In the mean time I have also had this confirmed by many other users. Seems like it’s here to stay.

Damn, this may turn out to be very, very problematic. Far lower conversion rates.

I think this is only for the app… I checked the same post containing 2k+ likes on the browser, and it showed more likers there.

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The option can be only enabled on the app, if you opened from a browser it will still show the likers.

Yes the list is still reachable through EB.
However running things through browser/eb will be more demanding for vps or server specs.
The reason I actually raised this matter is so that people don’t suddently feel frustrated when scraping for likers not using eb and hit the wall pretty fast. Now you are aware.

Currently I’m scraping likes from post without issues but of course if the post publisher hide the likes I can’t scrap it :slight_smile: